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  • breezycliff breezycliff Oct 13, 2005 11:00 AM Flag

    TAP-TAP : somethings cookin'


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    • Getting Ready to Yo-Yo! (brought to you by FLML )

      1. String length
      The "official" string length for a yo-yo is from the floor to the height of your belly button when the string is on your finger. Measure the length 3" above your belly button. Fold the string over and tie an overhand knot to make the yo-yo loop. Trim off the excess string.

      2. Make a slip knot for your finger
      Take the loop you just tied and pull the string through it to make a slip knot. Put the slip knot on the middle finger of your dominant (writing) hand and pull it tight. Adjust it so that the loop is located between the first and second knuckle.

      3a. Setting your string on a fixed axle yo-yo

      double loop/ single loop
      Beginners should learn to yo-yo with the string double-looped around the axle. To double-loop, hold the string about 4" above the yo-yo. Untwist the yo-yo in a counter-clockwise direction (to the left) until the string splits in two. Wrap one of the split strings around the axle again so that the yo-yo will not spin at the bottom of the string.

    • Nice catch, Breezy :)

    • what ?

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