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  • patientangler patientangler Jan 15, 2008 11:30 AM Flag

    Down Measly 4cents in Terrible Market

    Plus, low volume, which has been the case for some time now. Base-building is definitely occurring. Shorts are exhausted at this point. In a major market melt-down this could return to the lows of '07. So what, that would just reflect overall indiscriminate selling. When shorts get scared into covering, this will launch past $20 without any problem. It could be 6 months from now. If you're not margined you can afford to wait.

    In spite of Insultpom's declaration that there is nothing close to market and therefore the stock is dead money, this is specious reasoning and he knows it. So much about share price and investing is based on perception and his perception is one dimensional. Okay, he got it right on the way down. Noting more than a 50% chance of being right on that one; just like flipping a coin.

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    • poor thing

      you shoudda be careful

      the non sense you post is costing to the pps.

      see the issue with your comment is that, the guys who claim to have vision, charts and all the seele and whistle, the smarties in a word, like you, they all got it wrong.

      the only one who got it riht is the guy working with the fellas who have deep industryknowledge and experience. Bizarre huh?

      And yes, there is NO report of ANY phase II or phase III trial of any significance with flml technology to date to our knowledge.

      This means, for anybody with at least 2 brain cells, that whatever is announced, is so early development stage that the discounting factor will kill any potential foadding value.

      And given the overall statistics, if you want to have 95% chances of having one early phase project on the market, you have to have 42 early phas projects in xour pipe.

      If you don't, it's all gambling and betting.

      Sorry dudette but the stats are against your "intelligence", if any.

      disapear from this board, get an education, and stop copying the mopper. It just makes you look uuuuuggggllyyyyy.


    • I say own this stock now!Deals,Deals are imminent, Steve Willard is an Honorable Man and a Superior leader..The exits for the shorts is closing quickly.There is no way out for them..

      Oh Steve Willard, don't go a changing, we love you just the way you are...

    • "Okay, he got it right on the way down."

      Not quite angler. More often than not, the disingenuous clown made a "call" AFTER or in the midst of it happening. Any 2nd grade child could do that. Enuf said.

    • Recent developments with Medusa collaborations, FT-105 and IFN-alpha XL further add to my conviction that Flamel is a stock to own.

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