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  • sufi2q sufi2q May 14, 2002 4:54 PM Flag


    OK...the stock closed down today (off 15 cents to $2.95) Soooooooo, what's happening? Energy prices are up, distribution on hold, the lawsuit still unsettled.....what's up?

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    •'ve motivated me. I shall get into my little "pick'em-up" and head into the deep dark depths of Austin. My quest is the Trust document and the related "administrative fee structure." I'm going to Florida tomorrow so it will be a week or so before I get the skinny....assuming I don't get lost in Austin. However, be assurred I will find out what evil lurks deep inside "Note 8" of the annual report.....this is most interesting, sort of like the infamous "Area 51" which seems not to exist 82 miles northwest of Las Vegas.....allen

    • Been watching this dog a coupla yrs. and was curious as to wheather they are going to close up shop??Any guesses.I had such good luck with PVX that I want to diversify a bit.

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      • Actually, this is my "diversification" and I too hold a couple of Canadian royalty trusts (NCN) and (PGH). I've dabbled from time to time with some of the US royalties but right now I hold only (LRT). As for (TELOZ) I think the settlement of the law suit will favor the company and result in a nice bonus for the unitholders. I also think the reserves are sufficient to insure several years of good distributions....alas, the benifits are subject to the fluxuations of oil and gas prices. No, I think this "puppy" is a good buy at these prices and it will pay good returns over the long (1 - 2 years) term.....allen