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  • cwbyruff cwbyruff Aug 17, 2010 11:28 AM Flag

    My suggestion

    A typical true racist, when one cannot discuss facts, just call the other a racist.

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    • Ah , the "race card" , the lazy persons argument when they can't think of anything else to say !!!!! And the funny thing is , it was used as an argument where you said NOTHING about race ..... you mentioned religion ..... Oh well , the race card is a very versatile tool , and can be used anywhere , anytime , as long as the opponent is white ... Of course we all know , only white people are racists .... black and brown people just want peace and harmony , but we evil white people just want hate all the time !!!!!! LOL .... I am soooooooo ashamed to be an evil white man

    • So the guy who wants to talk about facts...

      says that our President is a Muslim who has already enacted the tax policy for next year.

      Hey, you gotta ramp up the crazy fear "facts" a bit more, brother, were on the SD message board. There's plenty to be fearful just talking about the stock.