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  • golemurgo golemurgo May 9, 2011 12:27 PM Flag

    Cramer Downgrade?

    Read why its downgrading it. due to the expanded capex which causes not much revenue and stagnant growth compared to last year but in reality they replaced significant natgas with oil production so there has been enormous growth to almost completely replace one product with another.

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    • I hear you and that's how I understand it.

      But it is difficult to sort out what's useful info and what's not these days. With the plethora of information and commentary available in the mediasphere nowadays we still cannot really believe anything. My personal theory is that most everything we are told and sold is a big lie and the remainder is largely ignorant and mistaken incompetence.

    • Agree, number crunchers at are exactly that, number crunchers who totally ignore variables such as the transition from NatGas to Oil and with SDT already trading, Ward has shown he can monetize assets anytime he needs/wants to for capex going forward.
      Thestreet analysts/number cruncherstotally ignore the assets and production going forward. STOCKs price based on EXPECTAIONs looking forward, not dismal backward looking forensic financials.

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      • After reading the report, I think it's mainly just a canned computer analysis of financials which gets reviewed quickly by an analyst and then posted on their site. I don't put much weight on their ratings on any stock because their ratings are based too much on backward-looking financial analysis. The most significant rating on this stock is Stifel's recent buy rating and price target of $18.