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  • rctcjcec rctcjcec Oct 6, 2011 8:54 AM Flag

    Has Cramer Ever Heard of Hedging?

    hedged in the high 80's and high 90's through 2013....Is he serious...We are mot tied to the daily fluctuations in oil...

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    • I like Cramer and even HE himself, would admit that he is not always correct.

      In fact Cramer missed the first SD run, and he is about to miss the second. SDs recent drop reflects the OIL sector drop as a whole, not anything SD has done or failed to do.

      I challenge Cramer or anyone else to identify ANYOTHER turn around, in ANY INDUSTRY that did a better job than we see at ocurring at SD.

      Add to this the knowledge that DEMAND for ENERGY will only INCREASE for the next few decades as MIDDLE CLASSES are born into even communist nations and thus CONSUMERISM will ramp demand like never before in human history!

      Now go back and review SDs assets....SDs game plan, SDs ever INCREASING production rates...............and please tell me Mr Cramer, is it because D missed a paltry 3 penny earnings? is it because the time table for this turn around doesn't meet your time table? or perhaps demand for oil and NatGas will not continue to increase? LOL!

      You are not running your hedge fund anymore and I think you'd admit, there is more than one way for a dog to lick its own "B"s! Sit back and watch Cramer....and while on the subject, You once called Jamie Diamon the worst CEO when he first took over he is cannonized as a financial Saint by even you!

      It doesn;t matter if you like or dislike Ward, what matters is PRODUCTION and ward has ramped it up to warp spedd pasuing along the way to create financing when needed. Without much delay, without much pain, and without selling the farm.
      Jim Cramer, did I miss anything? Please, do tell !

      Alot of folks don't like Ward's ways, and alot of folks didn't care for Steve Jobs strip out the personality conflicts and lets get down to analyzing the sector...the company...and the future in order to make some REAL MONEY, shall we?

      all IMHO of course....

    • how freaking stupid are you.

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