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  • pp_burns pp_burns Aug 18, 2012 1:17 AM Flag

    All you "paid basher" conspiracy theorists might wanna read this

    I know your hearts are in the right place, but the info you are posting has even less credibility than the so-called "bashers" you are railing against. Frankly, an attorney could no more prove that "bashers" get paid $5-$7 per reply (lol!) than Sandridge PAYS YOU the same amount to post positive information about their stock.

    And as for the lawsuit brought against message board "bashers" 2 years ago - you might want to consider the source:

    And watch this:

    Do you really believe that many people read this board? And out of those people, enough would be swayed by a "basher" to move the stock one way or the other? Come on. Just accept that:

    1. Some people have a negative opinion of the stock, and are legitimately interested in sharing said opinion in the interest of fair and balanced discourse.
    2. Some people get off on being jerks.

    Disclosure: I am long SD, but short conspiracies.