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  • hang10_2004 hang10_2004 Nov 7, 2012 10:05 AM Flag

    is obama good for SD?

    I can't tell. Please tell me yes

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    • Oh Yes, my lamb, I will be a blessing to SD.
      When I ban fracking, or make it an unprofitable venture, SD will go out of business and then Tom
      Ward will be able to focus his energies on solar, as he joins the Solyndra geniuses to make this world a better place.
      I am the way and the light.

    • welcome to the future where nobody knows anything.........I hold a few shares of sd don't know where they will clear direction except ???????

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      • Study History,...Obo just like Jimmy Carter,..the bumbler.
        Oil, Gold, Silver, Metals and Div paying Quality Stocks and Bonds. I'm mostly in Senior floating rate Loans (CEF'S) that adjust as interest rates go up (the div's and share prices go UP).
        I test them by looking BACK 7-8 years when interest rates were higher.
        We HAVE to keep our money growing if we want to keep up with INFLATION.
        Do your own D.D. all JMHO Good Luck!!

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    • YES,...and you can take that to the BANK,..Obama has NO Energy plan and E and P companies will scour the USA looking for GOOD Oil Leases,...WE have them at SD,..just be PATIENT.
      Inflation is coming,...BIG TIME,..gas will go to $5.-$6.00 a gal. and Oil is Black GOLD. Oil is cyclical we're at $85- $87 a bbl and will probably go back to $100-$120 a bbl.,..just a matter of time!
      Don't get spooked by a little sell off,...remember the "Big Guys" HAVE to buy CHEAP. all JMHO GOOD LUCK with the patience thing!
      I'm Long and Strong.


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