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  • arliegromit arliegromit Dec 6, 2012 10:05 AM Flag

    Sandridge donates to non-profits

    How about donating to all your shareholders then?

    SandRidge to give $20,000 to local nonprofit, sponsoring run in downtown OKC.

    Nonprofits give so much to those in need in our communities and now SandRidge is hoping to help nonprofits dreams come true. Find out more about the contest and about the SandRidge Santa Run.

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    • As i may agree with some of the things you have to say about SandRidge maybe you should consider keeping the subject matter to the things that really affect what your upset about. I hardly think blasting a company for their community involvement and charity work is a whorthwile use of your time. I can't help but notice not many people have jumped on this bandwagon today. Do you really think the 20K used to fund this event is even calcuable in the sense of having an impact for stockholders. I hope that if anything you will realize that many people of the fine community of OKC will benefit from this event. Respectfully just MY opinion.

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      • No doubt OKC is a fine community. Maybe that 20k makes TW feel good, but in the grand scheme of things, that 20k will get him about 3.5 hours of flight time in his new airplane. Do you have any idea of how much money they waste? That 20k is also miniscule compared to what it costs to sponsor the Thunder. So it appears basketball and jets are more important than giving to non profits. Just MY opinion.

    • As I may agree with some of the things you have to say about SandRidge I can't help but notice not many people have come running to jump on the bandwagon of bashing a company for supporting its community and donating to charity. Good idea lets give the 20k to the shareholders that is basically not even a number that can be calculated per shareholder. If you really feel the need to post your hatred everyday maybe keep it to events that affect your profits and not the ones that benefit the fine community of Oklahoma City. Respectfully just MY opinion.

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      • It is very EASY to donate money that does not belong to you. Send me $20K and I will donate to the charity of my choice.

      • Let Ward give his OWN foocking money if he wants to, not shareholders

      • lee4340 Dec 6, 2012 11:05 PM Flag

        Tom is a wealthy man. Why doesn't he just give 20K to charity? It is not hatred to want this company that is one of the worst performing companies in the energy sector to put it's cash (all of it) into improving company performance. Let Tom and the BOD give to charity. They are being paid handsomely. What shareholders are tired of is the blatant wasting of shareholder money on non-company expenses. The sad thing is that SandRidge and some of it's employees have come to believe that the company exists to enrich themselves and their causes and not to make a profit for shareholders. That kind of thinking has to stop.
        Charity is a great thing but I think Tom and the BOD should pay with their own money until they figure out how to get the company actually making money. By the way the SandRidge has so much debt that the cost of capitol is 9% including what they give to non-company causes.

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