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  • divin4tacos divin4tacos Dec 6, 2012 12:21 PM Flag

    P/E ttm 750 !!!!!!! (yahoo)

    Obviously I am not "using these numbers" or I would sell and run like hell ..... that's why I said this is "bizzarro world" ...... I do not know WHY those numbers are so whacked out , I merely posted they ARE whacked out ..... now GFYS , and I am not convinced your rather insultive "explanation" is accurate ..... basically you have said - Yahoo has priced in the Permian sale , although they don't know the Price and it hasn't actually happened yet .......

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    • dlvin4tacos- Yahoo had priced in the Permian Sale and they did so using the earnings on the last earnings release. They took the amount of Net Income attributable to the Permian and subtracted this number out of the earnings. Since the relevant assets being put up for sale produce 24,500 Boe per day they are taking the price realized per Boe($54.32) multiplied by BOE/dayincluding impact of derivatives and subtracting the cost per Boe in the Permian ($10.19). $1,081,185 each day which yahoo defined as pure profit since all other company expenditures were already deducted from the earnings. This is why this dramatic increase in the P/E ratio because yahoo mistakenly took this profit out of the bottom line profit earnings instead of dumping it into total revenue at the top of the income statement. If they had properly placed this sale impact into the revenue and redetermined the earnings the P/E ratio for the sale would still be wrong since the obvious gain was still not included and can't be because we don't know what the premium received on the Permian Assets will be yet. Somehow I feel like you don't know what your talking about but that's okay because if you buy more SD even you can look like you know what your talking about.

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      • I'm not arguing the rationale for the 750 P/E , I'm arguing how yahoo changes it all the time .... in fact , it's back to 750 again , this morning it was 20 for a couple of hours ...... Yahoo has ttm earnings at .01 , Scottrade has ttm earnings at -.50 , THEN , when you click the earnings tab , the graph shows positive earnings until recent quarters ..... My point is - The numbers are different , maybe calculated differently , but definitely NOT consistent between the two , nor do they "jive" across different stat sheets / pages ..... It's just a quirk I am pointing out , obviously I am not taking the "750 P/E" as a buying or selling "tool" , as the numbers are skewed ...... and you're right , I am not good on the number crunching , don't have the patience or CPA skills for it ....... Seen plenty of folks here that do though , posting lots and lots of "impressive data numbers" ...... everyone is very impressed by their technical CPA and/or Oil and Gas knowledge ....... They have been wrong for 4 years now , while taco/mars has been touting "Ward's a #$%$ don't hold , daytrade this thing if you wanna make money" ...... So take it anyway you like ..... Spreadsheets can't "think" and numbers can be manipulated ..... there's more to it ...... you have your skills (which I humbly acknowledge) and I have mine ...... I'll just leave it at that ..... not going to insult you back like you do me ..... let it rest

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