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  • thefarm666 thefarm666 Jan 24, 2013 10:27 AM Flag

    -17 degrees here. Al Gore, puck you. Feb. doesnt look good either.

    So does anyone think TP(goldman) want SD because of the CO2 plant? I only mention that because of Goldmans large green investment holdings that have been losers......and who runs Obama? Obama says he has climate change plans...code word for cap and TRADE for Goldman Sachs. What was it 55 billion profit in cap and trade for Goldman Sachs a year? The problem I have with TP(goldman) is that Goldman stench. Once a Goldman, always a never are allowed to leave.

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    • CO2 is injected into oil wells 5000 ft underground for CO2 flooding. What would be the reason Goldman wants the Century plant?

    • Cap and Trade might be garbage , but Climate Change and Global Warming , are NOT ...... Come to Texas this Summer and watch the Lakes Dry Up with 110 + degrees ...... You have to be in total denial to think Global Warming is a joke ........ You think 7 billion people have no affect on this Planet ?????? Yer nuts , and you'll get all the "evidence" you can "stomach" within 10 years ...... watch and see ....... and I am no "liberal" , I am just a guy who can see the writing on the wall , plain as day ..... My politics are moderate , and independent ....... Extremism is killing us , "left and right" , and I can't stand ANY Politicians ....... They are ALL "full of it" top to bottom

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      • The term Global Warming and Climate Change is a fraud. It was made up for profits to trade something totally fake, which is how Goldman does business. Those of use who are real investors know that. Your lakes are drying up because of sunspot cycle which lasts about 10 years through its entire cycle and proves to be a great chart of how to invest in grains, farming, heating,etc. The fact is we are using more electric devices but our consumption of power is not increasing in the U.S. As far as stopping those mean sunspots, hey, go for it. Otherwise, learn that the climate of the planet always changes by sunspot activity and changes in magnetic fields. Your cleaning up the air and water is good for health but needs a new name rather than the cap n tax Climate Change. Yes, the CO2 plant would have received credits if Cap n Tax had passed.

    • Very interesting

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      • More like "Very Scary" if you believe it's true like I do ....... If not , next time you fly , just glance back on any large city , especially the very large cities here and across the globe ....... look at the smog engulfing them as you fly off ( or fly in I guess too !!!! LOL ) ....... I have seen cities look as if in a gas cloud ...... hard to see on the ground , but from the air ????? It is very scary looking ...... and now the third world is exchanging their bicycles for cars ...... millions of them ...... you ain't seen nothin yet ........ I KNOW climate change and air pollution is for real , it's a no-brainer to me

    • TPG_AXON is EX,..Goldman!
      Dinaker Singh,..WAY BETTER,..than,... Thief,..Tom!!
      all JMHO

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