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  • thefarm666 thefarm666 Jan 28, 2013 10:47 AM Flag

    How many posters here work for Goldman, I mean TPG?

    The reason I say that is their posts never,never take about n.g. or oil business. Have you noticed that? Its NYC numbnut kids hired as their first job, who never invested in a oil and gas company in their life. Proof? Motley Fools news releases. How low can you go? Sorry TPG, I don't like your style. I can disagree with Tom and company, but at least he has some dirt under his fingers. How many times has TPG called for the crooks at Goldman, JP,Wells,BAC,Morgan to lose their jobs. You would think it would be easy as the banks already were fined. With Goldman boys its always a crisis for the easy money.

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