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  • easymoneyman00 easymoneyman00 Feb 2, 2013 12:43 AM Flag

    Question is who was doing all the selling?

    Data from the Trust about the Mississippi Lime not good? Funny thing is thats is just one area in a 'HUGE PLAY.' SD is poised to have a great earnings report this last quarter. Be wise people Tom knows he has no chance unless he brings positive news to the table at the end of this month! I see a wonderful year ahead as for as share price increase and more added value to the stock equity! The corner has been turned, and the blood is in the street, we have taken a BEATING converting SD to an OIL company from a Natural Gas company. We now sit close to 50% oil & 50% Nat. gas, as in investor I understand the time process of changing the strategy, but to flaunt High bonuses and NBA sponsorships and PERKS that are ridiculous, make the everyday common investor #$%$ OFF) when they get to go on as business as usual and don't think about the real investors that have bought in with hopes of actually making a slow but steady ascend towards new 52 week highs! I will see how this all plays out in the coming month but I can't but help think that no matter how the voting goes it should be a win win for the shareholders. Both parties now know SHAREHOLDERS want to see shares go up in value to at least realistic company VALUE. If not I hope Tom and Company get a real hostile take over and lose the company!!!!

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    • .....Smart people

    • Easymoneyman,
      I hate to point out the "obvious", BUT,..SD is "in the process",.. of a,.. "REAL",.. "hostile Takeover",.. right now!
      99% of the small/medium shareholders HAVE VOTED,.. to OUST,.. the BoD!
      JUST,.. waiting on the "Funds",.. to vote their stock.
      Tom's going to lose this Company,..SD,..shouldn't have been "his" to begin with, SD,.. BELONGS to "shareholders" as it's a,.. Publicly traded Company,.( as least I though it was, when I bought Stock! ).
      I believe,..TPG and Mt. Kellett,.. aren't "fooling around" here,.. they're playing "hard ball"!
      Notice how "quiet",.. Tom is,..?? He "got caught" and KNOWS it!!

      I do agree that,.. this could be a WIN, WIN,.. for shareholders,.. as ole' Tommy,.. ain't gonna go down without a "fight",.. hopefully, he'll put a "deal" together to go "private" for $12.00 and "WE" can go on with "life",.. invest "our" Money,.. in a "REAL",..Company,.. without a PIG,..running it!

      all JMVHO as usual


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      • Doug, I understand what your implying, I just wish at some point a real company XOM, DEVON someone would actually make a offer on the table to try and buy us out! We are UNDERVALUED... I have to think Tom and his team are being proactive in this proxy vote? They (HAVE) to bring good news to the shareholders soon or this will get UGLY and FAST! I see a surprise announcement at the end of this month before earnings or day of earnings on the 28th of FEB. My emphasis on (HAVE) is a must for Tom or TPG will look for a suitable BUYER in the very near future! I think people here would be very surprised what SD would bring if it were to be sold on the open market! Energy companies are in a sellers market right now, we could see a major triple from this point if TPG wins the proxy vote! Then advertises that SD is for sale! Then everyone that has speculated about SD would soon find out what price SD really is worth! Funny thing when you allow serious bidders to come in at look at your books and properties to actually see all that SD owns and is doing, we may be worth more than TPG ever thought?

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    • I would like to know who was buying. I suspect it was the bash and buy guys.

    • I don't know anyone who thinks tpg will win. Everyone knows Ward has the votes. Tpg and others will bail after the vote, and shares will fall off a cliff. More buying opportunities are coming soon.

    • Easymoney....I cannot agree with your last few words...." I hope Tom and Company get a real hostile take over and lose the company!!!!" It is not their company to lose. They are just overpaid employees that have hijacked Sandridge by taking control of the Board. I hope Ward has a nervous breakdown from all the stress, and loses everything he has....including his health and family. Terrible thing to say but the man is evil.

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      • A real hostile takeover would be a ' OFFER to BUY out SD at a REALISTIC price! Another company would come in and make an offer of say $11 a share then settle on $13. Would you not be happy with that? $13 a share or would you rather shorts run this into the ground while you still long for another 2-3 years! Sandridged wouldn't that be ok?

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      • You are way out of bounds with those words :(I hope Ward has a nervous breakdown from all the stress, and loses everything he has....including his health and family. )

        Thats pitiful and it shows plainly that you my friend are the selfish one and have no regard for no one or anything but your bank account. I wouldnt wish such a thing on my worst enemy and with such a dark heart toward another person ( with whom who just disagree) certanly you should look inside your own being at the issues that appear to be controlling you. Terrible thing to say but these were your words and wishes.

      • Simple question: IF TW had good news on earnings why is he waiting till after the vote to pubish his excellant work?