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  • rcunj rcunj Feb 5, 2013 9:07 AM Flag

    I'm out..

    Can't take it anymore. Done a lot of research the past couple of days and you can bet this is going to at least $4. area. I'll take my losses at this point and sign up with one of the class action suites to see if there might be a chance to gain back a little of my losses. Good luck longs, god knows your going to need it. Tom and the BOD has lied about reserves, and drained the company and shareholders dry, and now we know why Tom has been so silient..

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    • I've voted with TPG but I'm wondering if anyone thinks the present negative news on the Miss' Lime, downgrades and falling stock price in part at least are a manipulation to put pressure on Ward and to influence votes for TPG. Could it be that although changes are needed that things are not as bad as we think? Any opinions appreciated.

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    • Reserves of the Mississippian are being reduced as we speak. He has used the system like it was designed to be used,. "Raise cash through public offerings of common shares". As long as the suckers like me keep playing this game, we are subject to being boondoggled, like this time. I still cannot believe that he sold the Permian cash machine. It had to be sold to somebody close to his family or friends.

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    • rcunj,
      My feelings exactly,..Tom has,..LIED,..again!!
      Same reason,.. I sold yesterday,.. Miss Lime,..not looking right!
      Have had a "real BAD",.. feeling about SD,.. lately!
      Class action,..Lawyer needed!
      Someone NEEDS to put a HOLD on ALL,..Tom and Bod's,.. personal,..ASSETS!
      Put him in Jail,.... BEFORE,... he flee's the Country,.. on one of YOUR,..Jets!
      How sad,.. for Longs! all JMHO

      Sentiment: Sell

    • i'm sorry for your loss man, i don't know if you've heard about HK but is kind of what SD was suppose to be, if you can get in at 6.5 or less you'll have a great short term and long term position dependent upon how long you want to hold, ceo is floyd wilson, one of three examples of his success he turned 60M into 13B, he doesn't play games like Ward, hes expecting to start taking offers to sell the company by 2014,2015 area for about 2 to 3 times current price at the very least, by then NG should be up as well, i genuinely believe you;ll make some of your money back witht that company, that is of course if you've got the heart for it after this POS

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      • Sandridge closed at 6.25 on 02-05-2013. It's 6.50 about a year later.

        Halcon closed at 8.05 on 02-05-2013. It's 3.50 about a year later.

        Who else wants more advice from the 19 year old?

      • Why is it that when I look at this board you push HK and when I look at the HK board I read the opposite from you Intell92. Here is what you posted:
        HK's current P/E is approximately 774 which is absolutely ABSURD, how can you justify buying this stock at this price level.....There not even truly profitable yet and there already over priced, so if the trend stays like this, when they do become highly profitable, they will be even more ABSURDLY over priced, I like it at five and change, however even then it is still OVER PRICED.

        I smell dead money upon any current shareholder who has it at these prices, unless they are planning on wating years....RIP uncle benjamin, uncle grant, uncle lincoln, and uncle washington you all will be missed

      • I play SD, HK, TPLM and KOG. On any given day one of these will drop out of sight and its time to buy, and on any given day one will rise far above the others( HK today) and its time to sell. These are all sound companies and I feel safe trading this way. Today, I got to sell HK for a $.40/share profit and SD ridge is looking like the buy today.

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