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  • ttech17 ttech17 Feb 11, 2013 10:51 PM Flag

    Unlike Icahn, Tpg activism has resulted in lower sd price

    price action since tpg's public activism has been lousy. Price per share has done nothing but gone down unlike when Carl Icahn take's an interest in a company.

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    • Bullschitttt. SD crashed when it was discovered via the Mississippian trust quarterly depletion results where beyond horrible. It is not even close to what Tom Ward advertised.

    • TPG has rip open the wounds of SD with their presentations. Their projection of free cash flow shows that it will be a long time coming before SD will be making a distributable cash flow. .

    • Perhaps:

      1. Fear that TPG does not have the consent votes needed? (Then what? and how quickly? TPG pursues Ward through litigation?)
      2. Fear that TPG loses the vote...then exits quickly dumping their shares on the market?
      3. Fear that TPG knows the vote first and may be a first mover in the market?
      4. Fear that Ward remains with $2.7B in fresh cash coming from the Permian and no specific plan on debt reduction?
      5. Fear that EPS on 2/28 will further question the EURs of the MS?
      6. Fear that EPS on 2/28 is bad news, as foreshadowed by recent trust 8Ks?
      7. Fear that EPS report on 2/28 will be picked apart by analyst community?
      8. Fear that TPG and hedgies are relentlessly shorting the stock to further pressure Ward?

      Too many unanswered questions.

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      • Your 5, 6, and 7 nothing to fear if you know they shouldn't be much more than Min. o-5 cents if thats going to turn any one on, let the party start. It won't do a thing for me.... And i'am Long another EPSer .are you this uninformed with how small oil co.s operate??? our are you just trying to get newbies to believe it matters??? NEWS FLASH eps didn't happen this qtr, as you've been told. Next qtr doesn't look to good either, or the Next or the Next. ect. ect. Late 2014 to early 2015 they just might start meaning something. Will anyone ever Grasp this concept??? I'am not Bashing SD we got 2013 Capex paid for now, will have 2014 Capex paid when permian is sold. When OUR drilling Program is more than our Net revenue. EPS will be next to nothing most of the time, the other times it will be less than nothing ,showing a loss on EPS. Do you think TPG is going to bring up our EPS?? not anytime soon. Not this year if they win ,I hope they know it........... If anyone is buying SD for a big EPS increase unless the sell of the permian effects someway there won'tbe.... and if it did it won't be next qtr. or the next qtr. I don't expect Trixy to understand this I'am not trying to hurt any longs feelings,but talking about eps Earnings Per Share isn't smart. Where a 5$ stock that has to grow or it well sink when credit is due. Its Simple

    • Party isn't over yet, just getting started from my point of view. TPG isn't trying to buyout Sandridge, simply wants to get it on firm footing for a couple few quarters. Then see what develops, maybe sell part, or all of the company is my guess.