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  • intelligentinvestor92 intelligentinvestor92 Feb 11, 2013 11:12 PM Flag


    Do you know how much revenue they generated in 2011, my schwab acct doesnt show anything. its got them at 29.7K in 2009 and 508.5K in 2010 then its all blank. Also, are they expecting any special 4Q result because its looking like their eps is going to finish - 4 to 6 cents?

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    • intelligentinvestor92 intelligentinvestor92 Feb 11, 2013 11:41 PM Flag


      brief or in depth, i dont care. However, what makes you think this company is going to grow? Its a penny stock that has a high from the looks of it of 1.25, and they have a couple handfull experiements with cancer, etc. Whats to say all of those will come back negative? This stock is done if something like that happens i would suspicion. So what do you see in this company that is going to enable it to grow long term and make me some money? I don't care how much, but what percentage of your total investment portfolio do you have in this company?

    • Thats were you are messing up. Your too concerned with eps. Production growth and Increasing Revenue will tell you witch way a small but fast growing oil cos direction is going. When it reaches the spot it needs to be EPS will start showing. No longs are here for earnings,NO longs here expect large eps increases. My idea of a good 4th qtr repeating myself is Higher Production Growth(perf oil) and a large increase in revenue, Last qtr was 535M i'am hoping for 600+ expecting 580M. Eps increase is silliy, if there was, it shouldn't matter,makes absulutely nothing to me shouldn't to anyone else. Their in debt and have to grow their way out off it. Right now it will take every penny they can muster. That large Debt everyone talks about starts comeing due in a couple of years. SD needs to build its cashflow to cover drilling and pay debt at the same time eventaully. If not they can pay some and refianace but they still have to build it because debt has to be paid sometime. Ive been here awhile,i don't know if people think this is suppost to happen within a qtr or not. It will happen after years. Anyone not knowing this has no business in the oil business......Just Sayin... Think about it.

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      • Now the waste of money is an issue. 5mil Salary fine 20M Bonus not. 500 wells to drill like they say in the miss can cost up to 1.5B this year their revenue will be 2.4 +, this year in 4 qtrs .if they hit 600M in the 4th this past year.Plus what it takes to drill the permian Trust. Whats not clear is the way they report revenue, because their adding what goes to the Trusts then subtracting what is paid out. When you JV with some one you don't add total revenue only whats yours. Same with production numbers with anyone else. I think the trusts should be calculated the same way. They recieve revenue from the trusts and a profiet from the production but the way they list it ,i can't figure whats, what clearly.They've listed a freecash flow at 178M 3rd qtr.If we build that to what were spending per qtr were home free. If you slow down your drilling your going to show a great big eps, when debt is due your going to have a hardtime paying it. That will be a fact, that if they do it will be to late. eps eps eps Means nothing today where not XOM. Xom can pay their bills two years from now,or when ever their due. SDs got to get bigger.

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