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  • titan_aa titan_aa Feb 11, 2013 11:37 PM Flag

    Tom Ward. Since everyone on here is bashing him BUT....

    Wasn't he greatly recognized for switching into oil at a time when insiders say he had to have crystal balls, I mean a crystal ball, to make such a good move before gas plummeted. Didn't he just sell oil fields when their production just started to show that they were coming up below expectations? Is sd really below its market segment due primarily because management keeps taking all the profit? What really is the truth? It seems no one can separate truth and lies anymore, the news and media is being controlled by big brother and is corrupt as well. The dark ages have truly returned...

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    • Management taking all the pofit? NO... Giving out more than the should? Possible we may see shortly. What really is the truth? not sure just giving my opinion. Good luck finding the answer.

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      • Management freely gives away a bunch of stock at the expense of investors in the form of dilution. Other than that the pay (cash) isn't much out of line. They guy put $500 million of his own cash to buy the company, not many CEO's can say that. You look at many companies that were home grown and they pay their founders well. Additionally they usually employ every family member up to 22nd cousins. Check out AFL, perfect example of a family owned company gone public. (They are one of my better picks bought in around $38). CEO ($25 million ave. salary which is about 4 times the industry standard) and family take in millions. Difference is they actually provide a return and a nice divy but does that make it right? Also they were born before the internet age so all the "favoritism" was locked away in SEC filings that were difficult to get a hold of compared to now. Look at Chase, a "bad" trade wiped out $2 Billion and an additional $18 billion of market Cap. And he makes about $25 million a year (oops). More I look around it seems $25 million is the going rate for these guys with 3/4 of that in stock.

        Side note the front running stuff is a bunch of BS, combined with the well program, he should take a few years off from the huge salary. But if this thing goes belly up he stands to lose more than any individual invested.