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  • bigrgub bigrgub Feb 14, 2013 11:54 AM Flag

    Any way you slice it

    Positive change is coming to SD. Either TW is gone along with the existing board or several new SD friendly board members will shake this baby up. NEt net, TW's reign of shareholder value distruction is over and just a matter of time, he will be history. MHO

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    • Betting against Tom Ward is like betting cancer won't win. I won't be happy until this con artist is gone--hopefully to prison.

    • Some new Boardmemders will be nice. When Ngas was selling for 16$ i can see SD selling above 30 at the time. Who thought it would drop to 2 NOBODY not even Ward. But Ward new it was going to Drop. So he went after OIL, the right move and it was done before everyone, Heck EXXON bought XTO at the time because of there exposure to NG!! He kept some delution from happening By selling trusts and JVs. Does he spend money like a drunken sailor? it appears that way, appearences can be decieving. I got no problem with Ward his Salery of 5M is fine Bonuses are a differant story. You do need to make up your minds if buying 25K for 1.2B plus 3k at 55M was a bad thing and Selling 24K for 2.6B and 1.1K for 125M was a bad thing, doesn't make sense. ONE has to be good. I personally think both moves were good. I'am stateing whats good for the Company not the PPS the PPS moved opposite. Thats due to the Quality of the analyists DD, and their opinion. But when i read their opinions and how they've based them on Negatively i see a lot of flaws in their statements on the negative side. I know alot are underestimating SD assets and the PPS has reflected so. I also believe Ward will resign reguardless if he wins,just leaving will be delayed if he wins. Hope they fined someone just as good (jump on that i dont care) they will need one. JMHO....Just Sayin ....Cue happy last laugh.

    • I agree , and I "thank" TPG for shining a big fat spotlight on Tom before he did any more damage to US ..... Putting a halt to improper leadership ..... Look at Tom Horton AMR , replaced to restore confidence in leadership ..... Aubrey , and others ...... TPG got the ball rolling , and I don't care what their "motives" were , they did help us retail investors out , and NOW I might even believe a post that says - "just give it 3 more years" !!!!!!!! LOL (even though I will be long gone by then) ...... I think I just heard some of you say - "hooray" .....

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      • Agree,,,several positives coming....1. all negative has got to be priced in 2. New board 3. Tom will get removed one way or the other 4. Uncertainty will be lifted shortly 5. any day now the word could hit that one or the other (hopefully green card) will win. 6. earnings will be in rear view mirror 7. Permian settled out 8. Commodities will be in favor this year and excellent hedge against inflation which will come and come fast when it does 9. Great value here once we clear all the noise