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  • easymoneyman00 easymoneyman00 Mar 2, 2013 8:22 AM Flag

    'How long will my 35,000 shares be dead?

    15,000 shares at $6.50 and 20,000 shares at $6.62 just checked my portfolio. This sucks I admit it looks like I'm a loser but Truthfully I think I lost this battle but I still think I will win the war! I never have lost on a SD buy and sell and GOD willing I wont start now ,though I do have my cash tied up for at least a quarter maybe depending on how the proxy voting goes.... I will make some coin here it just may take a little longer than I expected but when TPG-AXOM wins the vote we will have some serious players come in and view this companies assets and make a low ball offer of around $10 a share when that happens I'm off to my next position in another oil and gas company! Great buy down here period and after reporting more buying will start happening after Tom and the board are let go. TPG shows us the MONEY!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Easy, you have to thing of SD with your head, not your heart. Emotions run high due to TPG deal and TW leveraging our money to enrich himself. In short order this will be resolved. Imagine if you sell at 5.50 or 4.50 or 3.50 and you look up one day and it is 25. You have to buy stocks like this when everyone loves to hate them, and sell them when everyone loves them.....that time will come if the here and now doesnt get you down. Think about this,,,,,10-11 years ago, I had 60,000 shares of Williams in Tulsa. It went from .30 to .60 when we were in a similiar energy cycle only to sit here and watch it go to $30. That right... Will not happen again. No one can choose a bottom because markets do what they do. Prospects look good for SD over time so if you are not willing to wait for the "time", you will always sell at exactly the wrong time. there is substaintial value here and over time it will be realized and the stock price will follow. Seen this dog and pony show before.

    • Your supposed positions in this pig can't be true..Anyone that stupid wouldn't want to post it for the world to see. Hence, you're on ignore ..Enjoy your trip to Taco Bell.

    • We will get a bounce Tues. when they give presentation and unveil the monster wells in Kansas,pps may go to $6 .

    • Its not a technical story...the charts on SD make a technician puke...there are just not enough supply of buyers when it hits new highs and can not withstand its support so the stock breaks down every single time it trys to climb...the longs are looking for a fundamental story...they bought into the Small Cap Oil story of converting this domestic nat gas company into an oil producer, they "HAD" a great pioneer at the helm TW...which had a terrific track record with CHK ...I dont know whats going to happen as is the story with most fundamental stories...the company currently has value juding by its earnings report and its assets...the grey cloud is the negative news brought about TW and the efforts of TPG which we hope will be lifted as was the case with CHK and I stated if you believe in the fundamentals which I do...I dont see oil falling below $80 anytime soon, not as long as Bernankhe keeps printing, but TW needs to go...should that happen this stock will turn into a value play...I can see it back to $8-9 in a year, perhaps with the possibility of bigger player purchasing them as was the case woth PetroQuest

    • You'll get your money back but probably just barely.

    • And you have claimed to have spent over a half a million on one stock. You are getting ready to strike out in my book, loser.

    • Im losing more than you n sitting at 7.40...after all the news I'm now worried if we would even b able to sell for 8. It's so bad with poor management who has no respect for any sharehold
      ers...and now with high expenses and poor results with more gas than can that son of a gun act as if he's not accountable for anybody it. He is so arrogant I m disgusted. I'm worried.

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      • Hang 10, are you kidding? listen to call before making ignorant statements. I'm a buyer on any pullback. And would even be happy to buy at current price,PATIENCE WILL PAY.

      • Coming on a message board and crying like girls. You deserve each other.

      • If I were Ward I would actually be afraid, very afraid. It's one thing for people to lose money on a stock due to just "business factors", but with all the stuff TPG has made public there are bound to be some folks who have already taken some really big losses and will be seething after learning the facts behind Ward and board. It's a risky game that both he and Aubrey McClendon played to enrich themselves at the expense of others...and the more people you harm the high the chance that there's gonna be one that strikes back. I hope they both have the sense to have personal security guards. I'd be so paranoid I'd probably leave the country.

    • Itll be dead until you live up to your side of the bargain.