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  • payback42 payback42 Mar 5, 2013 7:08 PM Flag

    Wager For Trmmara & Ribby & Board

    Hi My Goor trmmara & Ribby......A bet for you and ribby

    Indiana - 8 1/2 vs Ohio

    BET OHIO + 8 1/2 $110.00 to win $100.00

    Bet Money Line Ohio $60.00 I Never Make A Fifty Dollar Bet. Thus Sixty Money Line

    Remember the bet is OHIO + 8 1/2 ......The Line should be 2 to 2 1/2 not 8 1/2

    Happy Payback Himself.......Who Loves To Watch President On The Court. He Could Have Gone Pro

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    • Winner winner chicken dinner. Thank you payback!!!!!! Wish I took the money line too with you guys but my black hawks won too. A good day and im back in the action baby!!!!!!!

    • Really. You do know Indiana is my favorite college basketball team, well second to Notre Dame(dont know if you remember but loved Kelly trapukia(spelled wrong) as a kid.) I just started watching basketball in 78 when they went to final four.......lost to Duke. I'm gonna throw some in my online account and bet Ohio st but can't do the money line. Hooisers are tough to beat at home. Right now they're my pick to win it all. Sorry but I'm gonna be rooting for a close Indiana win. Thanks, good luck, and ain't made at ya if bucketes win!

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      • Hi trmmara; Winner Chicken Dinner....Ohio St by 9 pts.... This was a gift because normally I would not have made the bet due to the fact I am not In Nevada. My buddy liked It so much he called his friend Jim In Reno and asked to from the bet for us. Called me ad I simply stated " Im In " My Me the way you are going to bet, if Jim can handle the funding......His friend Jim of course made the bet also.......Bye Happy Payback...

      • Ain't mad at you I meant. I hope you ignore most of my posts. I just really dislike okie's and texans. I don't know if you've read some articles about how they wage war on the poor and those not able to get insurance. I just don't understand how you can be so evil. I'm so blessed and thankful that I am. I will never turn my back on those less fortunate. I just hope you realize that they deserve every post. I'm truly ashamed they're my fellow Americans and if that makes me wrong then I don't want to be right. They deserve way more than just the anger they get from reading my posts..........when they meet their maker they will soon realize that he doesn't know them and he will spew them out of his mouth. Good luck to you and know I'm better than ever and never, well almost never lol,not in control. Good luck and again thanks.

      • Hi trmmara; Ohio St has lost seven games all with-in 4 pts. Ohio last played Indiana and lost because Ohio lost their star point guard at half time due to an ankle injury. Ohio brought him back in the game late however he could not move latterly.. He has been out until last week, is playing up to his potential....8 1/2 is to high....Also Indiana has gone flat the last several games is no longer on the up curve.......Enjoy the game, Happy Payback