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  • intelligentinvestor92 intelligentinvestor92 Mar 6, 2013 9:53 AM Flag

    After the Vote...

    TPG wins- Price Target of 6.50-6.75 (within one week of the announcement)
    Tom Wins- Price Target of 4.15-4.65 (within one week of the announcement)

    I think TPG is going to win which should excel the stock price, which is why I bought in about a week ago to take a rally hopefully and then transition to HK for the next two to three years. I suggest you all do something similar. This is not a company to park your money with and wait and see. It has no true value from a fundamental standpoint. Now if you say I know that, and this is a spec stock, well guess what, HK is a much better "spec stock" with proven management. Do not kill your money with this stock. If it someday tanks to ridiculous levels then go ahead and buy it. However this stock is not at ridiculously low levels right now, and even in the 4's its questionable as to just how low it is. HK has dropped dramatically, I'm looking for a 5.99 target to get in, which i think it willll eventually fall to by years end.

    P.S. Easymoney, hows that 100K plus of shares at about 6.55 doing for ya? Better yet, when are you going to be fulfilling your side of the bet?