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  • cmontx cmontx Mar 13, 2013 5:42 PM Flag

    Now Sell the Company

    For 9 bucks. I am having a hard time envisioning TPG and Leon going into a 3 year plan to build SD into a 10 dollar common stock. That is a tough way to make 4 bucks a share. I look for a "White", or maybe "not so White" (Chinese) knight to come in here and buy this off of our hands. Maybe 8-9 bucks quickly. Good enough.

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    • I agree that selling the company in the $9 - $11 range could happen but, of course, many investors would like to see the $14-$16 range. There may be a short squeeze now as it should trend up on this news, which could accelerate the "pop". However, there are many things to consider with the macro situation if the US deals with further sagas in politics over the ongoing fiscal mess. Also, the general commodities markest and oil markets are further macro situations that may subdue the process a bit. However, if TPG takes definitive direction, has clear communication, and make decisions that benefit value, we should be better off regardless.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Too many shares and too much debt to sell for $9. Tom screwed the shareholders again when he sold the PER. It just might be the next Eagle Ford according to many Texas Oil men. Tom sold the shareholders down the drain once again.

    • I have to disagree with you. They have another arm of the company set up to go into company's just like SD and lean out unnecessary expenses. This is not their first rodeo...I see a ten bagger in the making. At Armstrong they killed all unnecessary expenses, then took a loan out and paid themselves a special dividend. I did some math on the back of a napkin, and they paid off their original investment almost with two special dividend payments. Took that capital and moved on to the next target. They are good at what they do. Trust me.

    • Take at look at Chesapeake Energy if you want to see what to expect with a new board. CHK was at 17 prior to the new board and it went up 25% on the news. You would expect SD to follow a similar path to around $7.00 to $7.50. SD has a ton of debt that will be unattractive to anyone looking to buy the co. The Chinese have already invested big in the shale with CHK so I would think that puts them off the list of buyers.

    • I'm with you, get me a offer of 9 and you can have all my stock. Looks to me TPG took the easy way out. I want all the old BOD and Tom gone.

    • 10s ain't goin to happen, Deals won't be looked at, less than 15. TPG members won't go for it either.

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