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  • yerbolatd yerbolatd Mar 13, 2013 6:44 PM Flag

    only blind won't see the potential

    Exciting dynamics, isn't it?
    Dec 30, 2011 Revenue: 1,415,213 Crude Price $98.83 Op Income: 429,013 SP: $8
    Dec 30, 2012 Revenue: 2,730,965 Crude Price $91.82 Op Income: 325,196 SP: $6
    Cutting Tom's salary alone would make the EPS green.
    TPG didn't fight for nothing...

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    • what I see is:
      1) negative EPS based drop to 5.25 quickly recovered by funds and smart shorts to 5.75 - that is the new absolute low
      2) with YoY revenue growth and imminent cost-cutting it won't take long for EPS to turn green, this coming quarter for sure, next step EPS based valuation drives SP to $10+
      3) no mass-media pumping today - great sign
      the question is not whether or not SP will grow, it's how fast it will grow

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      • It is not about eps. eps change with the adjustments to the oil & gas inventory in the ground.
        It is all about cash flow. if overhead goes down to where it should be and cost of funds goes down
        as well, the cash flow will be very high (revenues are going up fast enough for that to happen if
        the overhead is under control). it is that simple.