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  • divin4tacos divin4tacos Mar 14, 2013 10:41 AM Flag

    TPG gets "shock of their lives" !!!!!!

    Now that the books have been opened , and as they sift through all the papers , they are finding out , there is no oil or gas , there is no Mississippian property , or offshore rigs , it was all a hoax masterfully perpetrated by Tom Ward , the master of presentations ...... they cannot even find any credentials for Tom or the BOD !!!!! Comes to find out , they were all just Oklahoma Moonshiners and were spiking the punch at all the oil and gas conferences , then laying out the phony presentations !!!!!!!! when Tom spoke of "BOE" he meant "Bottles of Ethanol" !!!!!!! CORN LIQUOR !!!!!!!!!!!! what a scam !!!!!!!!

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    • Without a doubt, the most logical explanation I've seen on this board.

    • Who's joking? I truly believe that when they get an independent Reservoir Engineering team to come in and look at the Mississippian, they will be shocked. No sweet spot, unless it is on WCT family acreage. As to the DOR, the cost of doing business on that rust bucket will be very unsavory for them. Our only hope is that TPG and Cooperman can sell this dog to somebody soon. I thought that is what they were going to do in the first place. Leon is looking for the exit as we speak. Gimme 8 bucks.

    • Mars,
      NOW you KNOW,..WHY,..I "bailed" out!!

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      • doug - I never bash people for selling ...... "sellers" don't annoy me ...... "shorts that constantly insult everyone else" , annoy me ..... ya done good ...... I am light on SD right now too ..... probably should load more today , but gonna wait just a tad longer ..... I have too many other stocks , all are down a bit (well most are) , so I'm just holding for now ...... the indices are just too pumped for my tastes , but I do like the NG prices going up ..... sweet ...... LPR and FST is shining a bit , but i have MCP ACI CSIQ ..... sort of putzing right now ...... from my experience , when SD truly hits the bottom , we get a massive 30 million share day with strong uptick ...... never saw that last time it dipped to low 5's ..... made me suspicious of the light volume rallies after ...... so I think THIS will be the final bottom once it hits ...... but I have no idea what that will be ..... might be here now , but we know the big boys play very dirty pool

    • You might want to add that your post is all a hoax and that you posted it because we all needed a laugh this morning. Sinse the price is turning now, maybe they got back to where Tom hides his good Kentucky ethenol