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  • trmmara trmmara Mar 20, 2013 10:28 AM Flag

    I think I broke the short's back....

    Hey it's Juan.........hungover from taco Tuesday, payback and ribby can sure drink. I told you I built a wall at 5.35. It's like the great wall of china, only higher and longer. I'm guarding it way better then our boarder patrol does(I'm living proof of the many holes in the wall) our's. The low is in and were going to 10 by may!!!!!!! In ending, fock you sheriff Joe........can I get some more birther babble.

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    • Hi Juan, I just woke up Mars. He is so, so, I fixed him a double Margareta telling him a bit of the dog that bit him will cure the situation. One day Ribby & I shall do some serious time with the jar. Then Dear Friend Juan a bit of the hair does no good.....Just wait until NBA Playoffs in June. Oh how you will love NFL during my favorite month OCTOBER.....My the rest of the day be with you friend Juan. I know it will be dark when you get off working another second shift.

      Happy Payback Himself

    • I know what your got off to a rough start but you are the man!!!!!!! I'll take that as a compliment but usually I'm running from the man. You are also probably thinking......are there more of you Juan.........yes there are thousands south of the board and that only counting my immediate family. We're just waiting on a pathway to citizenship. I know the big O will come thru for me!!!!!! In ending.......fock you Jan Brewer. Catch me if you can. Please send that old senile sheriff Joe!!!!