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  • easymoneyman00 easymoneyman00 Mar 25, 2013 10:28 PM Flag

    Volume has been down lately why?

    Because this is the bottom and TPG will get the ship righted with the help of others. I'm a going to keep on buying knowing this is a great buy and the Miss. Lime is a great play that very few know the true extent of the play. Oil and gas will be King the next few years this is a great play if you believe in the Miss. Lime. It's all about what really lies beneath the surface! Do more DD and you will be able to cash in on one of the most profitable plays in North America!

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    • Just got some more shrs as mm trying to shake a few more from retail...Give it a couple of months and we will be closer to $7 imho....

    • Still buying down here. I must be addicted to Lime. New avg at 5.72.

    • intelligentinvestor92 intelligentinvestor92 Mar 25, 2013 10:34 PM Flag

      All I ask is that before you buy more, please say a prayer or two for your money.

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      • My money has been blessed over and over, Remember the Bible story of when Jesus fed the multitudes by the river? He multiplied the Fish and the Bread and fed over 5000 people? I don't ever worry about my money its just that money. I enjoy life and let others worry about there money i'm just fine at this time. Remember you can always make more MONEY but you can't make more TIME . Thats the problem with so many people here, enjoy your spoils because no one knows what tomorrow brings! I enjoy investing but it's a game to me your either in or out and right now I'm in on SD but I don't expect to make any real money until later this summer I have time to wait to see how HEDGIES turn this company around. Tom is nobodies fool trust me he would never put his proverbial eggs in one basket if he thought that basket was a BUST. He is not selling out all his shares don't ever think thats gonna happen at these prices. Tom is a smart cookie I have total faith in his Miss. Play life here will be changing very soon!

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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