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  • easymoneyman00 easymoneyman00 Apr 2, 2013 5:51 PM Flag

    Stock price is not a real value of SD......

    Price of stock at this time is nothing more than longs speculating that the stock is worth a lot more than it is trading for and shorts speculating that they can push it down further. SD is worth a lot more than $5 and big money knows it, I have to laugh at retail investors that get weak hands and fold there shares they are the folks that always make me BIG ole money! Weak hands are always figured into the equation when takeovers happen Mount Kellet took full advantage of taking candy from a bunch of SD babies last week.LOL Client9 ,Tamarra, Intellegent investor all want to say how much money people here have lost, this summer they will be gone like farts in the wind just like they are! Nothing more than little #$%$. ! Longs who understand on how to follow BIG money understand that they will have their day in the SUN very soon, my guess is June and July I for one can wait with extreme patience as I've been here done that before...

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    • Easymoney,

      I dumped this stock a couple of years ago.
      Seriously, look at the performance of this energy company during the last 4 years and ask yourself what is wrong with a company that goes sideways or down for almost half a decade. Something is wrong.
      I see a company that has more shares and more debt and lower share price over the last few years. All of these are negatives for most investors.
      If you are going to be a cheerleader it might be wise to diversify into companies that have better performance components or elements.

    • Congrats easymoney!!! You win the dumbest post of the year award! Sit down and chill man. Think about what you just said. Are you a product of Okie public skewls?

      Honestly easy, how old are you? If you're over 16, I really feel sorry for you.

    • Very good comments easy!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Well, Good luck to you with that plan, it'll be interesting to see how that works out for ya. I know it hasn't worked out for the last 3-5 years as an investment, and you buying all in at 6.55 approx hasn't done your money much just either. However by all means, if you think SD has what it takes to all of a sudden become an "investment" then all the power to you. However investments that bring about returns that make the kind of money that you try to let off as having, usually tend to be investments in companies that actually are expected to be profitable for the next 2 years........................................

      Benjamin Graham is in investment heaven right now, so let me be the first to all the more solidify the statement that he is wanting to say right now. "Sandridge is almost entirely speculative, with very very little true underlying value."

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      • I will be laughing all the way to the bank this summer! Kid you should have listened to me.... LOL Watch and learn Iv'e bought more another 10,000 shares at $5.25 i have another $300,000 I will buy if it goes down into the $4 range. I will wait for a bounce before I commit all that $300,000 but I will knowing what I know. This is where fortunes are made or lost and i'm betting with big money in front of me! Too many idiots on this board that are too weak to understand that at some point in your life you have to know when to go all in. I love SD .....

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