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  • bluehorshoe007 bluehorshoe007 Apr 5, 2013 4:24 PM Flag

    SD support

    Fundamentally I find it hard that this stock has dropped off so much considering the assets of the company, the price of oil, etc. But it has. Support at 4.88, and a bump from there indicates we may be at a good entry point. But until there is some good news, SD may sit at these numbers awhile! In turn, the news could come soon and the numbers could continue to head north! Whats the status on TW.....

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    • it's my understanding he's upset about he prospect of getting fired. cramer said yesterday that the old sd board was not giving seats to the newly appointed board directors as agreed upon. so basically, we have sleazeballs in sd who don't seem to understand the difference between their money and the money of others., they signed an agreement to end the shareholder vote because they knew they'd lose... and now are not honoring the agreement they signed.

      i am only hoping that forensic accounting here destroys tom ward financially and exposes management and the board for what they are. . sd's board is scared to death about this. it's a matter of time before all these #$%$ are out of sd and this all comes to light. perhaps tpg axon is preparing another proxy, and this time won't settle with the current board but will go ahead with the vote and immediately toss ward out.

      ward is insuring himself of never ending lawsuits. the members of the board, being complicit in this entire scheme, and also going to be facing years of grief - imo. and they deserve it. i hope it all haunts them to their graves.

    • resist. 6.03
      resist. 5.93
      resist. 5.66
      resist. 5.37
      resist. 5.21
      resist. 5.04

      • 1 Reply to is_that_yo_mama
      • Yo Mama,
        SD should be able to take out,.. $5.04,.. Monday.
        Then,..$5.37 by Friday.
        There are a LOT of,.."traders" looking for a quick Buck,.. $.15 to .25 cents,.. a Day.
        And a LOT of,.. "shorts",.. still in the "Game" (Pigs,.. to be slaughtered)
        ANY,.. GOOD,..NEWS,.. estimates, revisions, News about Ward quitting, etc.,.. UP SD goes!
        Fly in the "ointment",.. LOW Oil prices or,.. Panic selling in the Market.
        You MUST remember,.. there's a LOT of STOCK,.. out there!
        Gonna take,..TIME. Good Luck,.. Longs!
        all JMVHO

    • He shows up for work every day.