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  • mgdavis56 mgdavis56 Apr 8, 2013 7:25 AM Flag

    The people that own stock is this company....

    Don't know much about operating an oil company, but they do know a great deal about selling one to another oil company.

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    • The employees are also shareholders in the company and they don't want to see it fall.

    • Ya, BABY,.. TPG will sell this POS for,.. $10 to $12 bucks!
      Shorts,.. will feel the PAIN,..SOON.
      Easymoney, MgDavis, and,... Dougie,.. all way smarter than,.. Clitti-9, Intelli- Idiot,.. and Tammy!
      SD to the,.. Moon, baby!
      I'll up-grade SD to,... STRONG, phucqin',....BUY
      all jmvho

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • 2 Replies to doughav
      • More like 8 to 9 if were lucky.

        Sentiment: Hold

      • Doug, can't we all just.........get along?
        I'll make you a deal, I will try to reduce my bashing and when I bash it won't be near as heavy if you can find it in yourself to stop with the names. If you were honest with yourself, then you would acknowledge that I am no idiot. I may be overly arrogant and full of myself at times, but that comes with all good looking young adults like oneself ;)

        The fact of the matter is, I have probably around on average 66% more money than the average 20 year old and most people my age don't really get into investing until they're out of college at best, not to mention I've been investing since I was 17 and if I was really that dumb, do you think someone would have recently offered me 20K to invest in a partnership.

        I will start showing you more respect and stop bashing when I stop seeing idiot this, idiot that. Doesn't know this, doesn't know that kind of stuff spew from your mouth

        I'll turn over a new leaf right now, I apologize for the disrespect I have shown to you and many others for that matter in the past (mainly longs) and you have my word that I will reduce the amount of bashing I do, because to be entirely honest Doug, I'm getting quite sick of the constant bickering that goes on.

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