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  • dsbc38 dsbc38 Apr 18, 2013 9:59 AM Flag

    Thoughts on Tom Ward

    Several of you on here seem to be well informed so I have a question concerning Tom Ward.

    Given the unwelcome addition of TPG's people to the Sandridge BOD is anyone concerned that TW will intentionally sabotage SD between now and June 15? Just curious if the more informed of you consider that a possibility.

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    • honestly, if i were tom ward i wouldn't have any mirrors in the house because i wouldn't want to look myself in the face. what a pathetic failure of a human being! and his legacy? to be known as a corporate thief. that's simply very, very sad.

    • Tom Ward is a great guy when you get right down to it.
      I mean after all, its not like he is overpaid. He sure as heck doesn't stray away from the original plan, he doesn't look out for only his best interest, he doesn't waste the companies money on planes, buildings etc. He doesn't front run land with his son, he hasn't been the highest paid ceo out of all the oil/ngas companies out there all the while having one of if not the worst performing oil/ng company out there. I mean he has earned everything he has the fair, ethical, and moral way. He is as big of a class act as you can come by now a days...............................(I hope this message somehow comes across that no good, caulk sucking mudda fookeeng kuhnt mcfuhhck

    • If he wants everything taken away from him, and his family, and then go to jail. I'm sure they have eyes on him, and what is left of his BOD. They should all go to jail anyway.

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    • Aside from the issues already mentioned, the TCW acreage is intertwined with SD's fate. Unless he is expecting a 'white knight' to save his bet, he is dependent on SD enabling him to make a profit on his dealings.

      While there maybe a few scenarios where sabotaging SD may be to his benefit, they are unlikely considering the rather conservative nature of MA in this industry (few hostile takeovers from the look of it) - if he attempted them, most likely few firms would want to partner with a petulant child facing liability issues and rather await his crash.

      He may be mad at what is going on but I think he is cashing in his holdings in order to raise much needed cash to protect his TCW bet; he may even be disregarding any increase in value in SD in order to play out TCW.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • No sabotage.....I think the board hired the independent firm to provide indisputable cause for dismissal. I wouldn't be surprised to see that used to reach an agreement with Tom for his exit with him resigning but not being sued or criminally pursued. Tom Ward "HAS TO GO" he is and always has been the poison in the blood of Sandridge ...period. For me to realistically expect to profit on the present risk I've taken ....TOM WARD being ousted is paramount ! GLTA

    • thoughts on tom ward?

      i think tom is more worried that his reputation will be worth about what a piece of doggy doo is worth. i would like the entire investment community to shine a light on tom's self dealings. we have many answers to get from tom ward and the bod who enabled him to basically steal shareholder moneys.

      tom might die rich but will he ever be a miserable old man, assuming he makes it that long. you got to figure the stress of ripping off people is hell on your body. if karma nailed his butt now, people would actually be happy and laugh about it. that's extraordinarily sorry for someone who was in the position to do so much good (like bill gates) but instead was overwhelmed with greed to the nth degree.

      i am sure there will be many urinating on his grave. is there anything left to say about ward?

    • TW is still a huge shareholder. Sabotage would harm his investment. Even with all the money he has he is not willing to risk his millions that he owns in stock.

    • If the shareholders push him out. they IMHO will be making a big mistake.

      as for a date I have no clue.

      TW is a billionaire honorable integrity guy IMHO.

      thats all i can tell you.

    • dsbc,
      Do SOME,.. D.D. ,.. MOST,.. of us small "investors",.. VOTED for TPG and their choices for BoD,..and to "oust" the THIEF known as,.. Tom Ward.
      You "talk" like a,.. "SHORT"!
      all JMVHO

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      • Thanks for the reply. Not a short. I have been out of SD for a awhile and just bought back in last Friday and again yesterday. I have posted on other comments stating I hope the price jumps up which is not what a short does. The thought TW might intentional sabotage SD had crossed my mind and I just wanted to post the question to others. Thanks again for your response.

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    • TW is not in control anymore. Current BOD, management, etc. has too much liability to let Ward have his way in anything. Hearsay around OKC, where I live, is TW is gone sometime in May.