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  • govpur govpur Apr 19, 2013 11:10 AM Flag

    Prospective Investor Questions

    Been tracking SD awhile now and looking to buy but have a couple of questions I would like to pose to the board as I cannot seem to get the answer:
    1. WTO: In their latest investor presentation they showed it on property slide but never mentioned again. The slide showed as gas only. Is there no oil at all? Does the increased NG price bring this back? Is there any development of this asset.
    2. The MS and Permian trusts: When they created these were current SD shareholders given shares, etc? Are they considering spinning off the MS infrastructure in a similiar way? It is my understanding that the infrastructure they built in the MS play is the real hidden value the market may not be appreciating? Is that too simpleton thinking?

    Appreciate any/all thoughful responses. Disclosure: owned SD in November 2010 and sold (of course) before the big run up. Cannot believe it is back here as the balance sheet, prospects, etc seem better now than back then,

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