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  • frenkcrenk frenkcrenk Apr 22, 2013 8:57 AM Flag

    The run will be swift and unexpected...

    Shorts are going to get burnt real good....any day now. Expect a 40-50% move.
    This fry up is in preparation now by the big boys...mark this post :)
    !!! BEST time to buy is NOW, before the run starts.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Inho. Think the stock should not be trading at this level in the first place. 2 factors that recently brought this stock down to this bargain price was CHK selling acreage and bargain prices, and the recent sell off in commodities in general. Also, there were many financial analysts who did pi** poor analysis or no analysis to downgrade the stock...jumping on the bandwagon...could they work for firms that are short?
      I would be scared IF I was short this stock (I'm long)...going into the May 7 conference. My guess is that the stock will move quickly to the $5 to $6 range after the May 7 when we learn of the latest cost cutting and improvement in production. My next guess is that as production increases and people get confident in the new management the new management teams plan starts to pay off.....the stock trades $7 - $8 (could take a few months). By the end of the year...think SD will go up for Sale for $10 or more. imho..

    • Rah, Rah, Rah. LOL!

    • If I had a $buck every tiime I've seen a post like yours about SD, I could take that money and retire. Someday shorts will be forced to cover, that's a given but it doesn't seem to be nowhere in the near furture. TPG is in silent mode and until they start coming out with some positive info (if there is any) Sd will sit right here or maybe go lower. Yes it hurts but true.

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