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  • hawkster654 hawkster654 Apr 28, 2013 3:44 PM Flag

    The motley fool is a joke.

    I would not take these clowns to seriously..

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • SA and MF are daytrader tools at best. One day they slam a stock and bring it down the next they praise it. If you are a paid member you get these articles 1 to 3 days in advance and can bank off them, well worth the 2400$ a year fee.

    • Motley Fool is as described, A FOOL. I don't know if SD will recover but would not base my investment decision (good or bad) on anything FOOL publishes. Just like we don't like Fool Tom Ward.

    • Here's ignorance for you, from the article:

      •Speaking of the Mississippian Lime, it's had more natural gas than originally expected, and even though natural gas prices have come off their lows, the real revenue drivers are oil and liquids, and these may not deliver as needed.

      Where does this moron think liquids come from??? Give me a break. Gas liquids or NGLs come from high btu natural gas. Not dry gas.... gas like the MISSISSIPPIAN formation produces. Natural gas associated with oil, more commonly know as "casinghead gas" . Why do you think these gas buyers are lining up to get this rich gas. This is not dry gas!!

      These guys that suddenly become "experts" make me want to puke. You listening Motley Fool and Seeking Alpha?? You guys have as much credibility as clit9.

    • I don't read Motley Fool or Seeking Alpha anymore. If you want to read professional articles with unbiased facts, Google " Mississippi Lime Play " (for example) and you will find ample honest information about SD that never gets listed in the Yahoo headlines section.

    • Josh Young probably represents short interests. His analysis lacks credibility and is based upon emotions. He brings up negative issues of the past and ignores positive events that have recently occurred.

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