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  • boar292hog boar292hog May 29, 2013 9:55 AM Flag

    Any SD forecasts?

    Here's mine...SD price melts upward toward 6 as the June announcement approaches...then jumps or drops based on the news. Or, buy on thr rumor, sell on the news so to speak.
    All IMHO of course.....and beyond this announcement...I think SD gets taken out in the 8 - 10 range and that a bidding war ensues and shareholders realize 12 - 14 on the final price. ALL IMHO OF COURSE so don't go get wild on this post! I could be AND I am probably totally wrong!
    Nice hope though! huh!? All IMHO......................

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • IMHO, Sandridge is frozen until something 'material' happens in either the nat gas or crude arena. I don't expect anything drastic coming from OPEC tomorrow. OPEC really can't influence prices that much as non-OPEC production is on the rise, they have to play a little defense, for a change. I only know of two things that can drive oil above $100/bbl; 1) expanding geopolitical/mid-east trouble and 2) surprising global economic growth to the upside. If U.S. growth in the second-half were to explode above 3%, oil and nat gas both could set 52-week highs. The most important element is "direction", if markets get the idea that expansion is in the offing, SD could hit $7/share, $8 at the highest this year.

    • Yes... you are probably wrong unless you might be right.......:o)
      I tell you how I trade SD.... When the market goes up SD goes nowhere... when the market goes down, SD goes down with it... just at a higher percentage. Over's not that good... So like you say... we need NEWS or we are toast.