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  • bogwa1406 bogwa1406 Jun 11, 2013 5:53 PM Flag

    Really a lot of impatient folks holding SD. Good grief, we haven't even seen a quarter with TPG board efforts,

    let alone a quarter with Ward gone and some actual management effort. The company's funded through 2014. Turn-around stocks can be great...but you do have to expect a reasonable time frame to see results. The last results the market saw was still Tom Ward's and Crony Board. If the wolf is removed from the hen house ...SD will be a good investment...if the wolf were to stay..I'll probably the meantime, I'd happily buy $4.40 again before the end of June. GLTA

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    • you seem to be a bad stock pumper Mr Bog, you've been tooting your own horn for SD and NES, previously know as HEK , for several Q's now, the chart does not lie, both stocks are dogs and should be avoided at all costs IMO.........

    • What do you think the odds are that Ward will be thrown out?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Near 100%..he'll be ousted. I reiterate the only thing that justified hiring an independent law firm to review the land transactions is to provide outside justification for dismissal with cause. If he was dumb enough to lose his well interest and shares by leveraging them...then he was certainly dumb enough to leave a bloody trail in the land deals. He and Aubrey McClendon are like two peas in a pod....Owned the vast majority of the companies they founded...lost the bulk of ownership via margin calls and then started playing games to regain wealth. I have no pity for either. The shareholders suffered the greatest losses...Ward unfortunately has lined his pockets on the shareholders backs thanks to his handpicked board cronies. I fully expect the remaining board members that Tom put in place will be resigning or voted out in short order. It's all gonna take some time. JMHO

      • I think 98% he'll be gone. The only real question will be for cause or NOT [ie does he get his Golden Parachute, or NOT]. I think thru nego he'll get something to leave.

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