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  • joshhyunc joshhyunc Jun 20, 2013 8:47 AM Flag

    up 8 cents premarket!

    this is going no where ... unless TPG pulls a rabbit out of the bag and sell it

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    • I posted several times that Tom leaving would have little or no effect. The street has known for a long time that Tom was gone. We will likely actually close in the red today.

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      • As much as I hate to agree with you rc you are correct - the outcome of this was predictable after the mid March annoucement of the terms of the settlement agreement......The only thing we didn't know was would they find enough information on Tom to do a termination with cause and not trigger the exit package.....but the writing was on the wall and not erasable.....Now it comes down to the business and it's viability.....Unfortunately we will not see a meteoric rise in the stock in the short term in my opinion.....Perhaps TPG and others have sized up a buyer but I would think that there needs to be more due diligence before someone would come to the table with an offer of any significance.....The problem for those of us who have been long for several years is we might have seen our best exit at 13 and change in 2011.....I believed the words coming out of Tom's mouth at the time and bet on this going to 20......Now I'm averaged down enough that a sale beyond 7 bucks would be a decent return for me....but quite frankly that is a huge disappointment....As I said last week I keep updating my spreadsheet on the wells drilled in 2Q and the core area is currently producing 183.5% of the type curve for oil and 144.4% of the type curve for Nat Gas...I originally had said 120% on nat gas but found an error in my that is what I have....If the business is worth what all of us who are long want it to be then these dynamics need to continue and we need more info on multipay zones that would drive value estimates for the Miss - specifically in the core drilling areas up nicely.....All IMHO......good luck longs.....

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