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  • hang10_2004 hang10_2004 Jun 21, 2013 2:40 PM Flag

    WHy the new CEO said they are not going to sell SD when TPG said they are planning to?

    A little puzzled as to why now the change of heart? maybe they want to boost up the balance sheet first before buying a buyer? maybe they realized they can't sell it for 10$ until they clean up the books? currently no buyer will step in for 10$ unless SD is proven to be a good deal.

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    • You imbecile, what did you want him to say?!
      The new CEO has to motivate the employees to keep doing their jobs, rather than to make them feel they'd better look for a new job.
      Also, keep building the company's value as a live business increases the Sell price.
      Bottom line - it's all good, this company will get sold sooner than later and it won't be below $10. All the big investors are going to make a killing...the only reason the share price is that low is TW the filth who is selling millions of his shares before he's history. Once this cap is removed, the share price will get much higher.

    • what else can he say? when it is sold, it will just be announced and that's all. in the meantime, it's got to be run as a going concern. this thing will be flipped.

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      • Medic,
        Is RIGHT,.. SD has to show "profitability",.. first!
        TPG,.. NOT,.. going to put up "for Sale" sign,.. til' then!
        We "shareholders" will be the last to know,.. just watch the,.. stock price.
        Bigideaportugal,.. is also right,.. the BIG "Players" have,.. to get in CHEAP,.. FIRST!
        $4.60 to $4.80's are,.. HOLDING,.. SD should break back above $5.00 next week !
        The 600 point loss on the Dow helps these "Players",.. accumulate!
        Stocks, HAVE, to have up/down,.. "movement",.. Markets NEVER go "sideways",.. for very long!
        SD would be at $3.00 right now if ,.. the "Big Money" didn't believe in it!
        They believe TPG will SELL SD in a year,.. for more than $10.00.
        Dinakar Singh is VERY,.. SMART,.. and on our "side"!
        all JMVHO

    • In relation to moulbr comment, what are the chances the legacy board members were worried about being voted down and removed Ward as a smoke screen to the voting shareholders? I would really like a twofer with the board being completely redone.

      Timecruiser7, how does the recent reports compare to Devon? They are supposed to be in the same region and achieving higher rates, correct? I just have hearsay but their numbers appear to be dramatically higher.

      Any opinions?

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Well. remember, TPG either kicked out Ward or took more seats on the board. Ward is out so TPG power has dwindled.

    • Maybe...just...maybe they realize from the latest drill reports that the assets are worth a lot more than originally thought. Everyone thinks that the type curve is going to change and the EUR for each well will be significantly more than first estimated. So...prove that the assists are worth a lot more than originally thought..and sell assists for a lot more than 10-12. It may happen..imho

    • before finding a buyer i mean...