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  • divin4tacos divin4tacos Jun 24, 2013 10:25 AM Flag

    Gee , just a month ago everything was fine , the future was soooooo bright

    Oh ya , that's right , the indices were pumped at all time highs , I forgot ...... Funny how all of a sudden there is just so much "bad news" everywhere you turn , there is no hope , all is lost , it's the end of the world and we should all just sell sell sell sell sell and run run run ....... Just be sure to come back with some money to buy after everything pumps up a dollar or two ....... I just can't figure out how the wall street boys know to take summer vacation right when the market starts tanking ...... wow they sure are smart , and I watched many of them say "buy" equities at all time highs ..... wow , brilliant "professional advice" I must say ...... and of course there's always the old - "well , you have to be patient in the market , just give it time" ....... Oh ya , we really love that garbage advice .......

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    • Hi there friend Mars;Yes that's the way of things. My vision; We are going to enjoy one interesting conversation over Tacos & Corona's tomorrow. Who knows, Ribby just may show up. Juan Carlos has been disappointed at their absence. I tell you some interesting subjects & valued information has been shared.... Lately I have been abstaining from the Corona's, substituting red wine, for health of course..... Finding out a couple glass's of dark red wine goes quite well with fine tacos. This paring came about quite by accident as I gave up Corona's for Lent..... Does the soul good to sacrifice during Lent....... Hope to see you & your fine Lady tomorrow after the MKT Close's....... Until then

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