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  • daninfw04 daninfw04 Jul 2, 2013 4:50 PM Flag

    Suggestion to TPG

    I was just doing some random thinking and thought of a few things I've seen before. It looks like TPG has the support of several large holders with close to 50% of the vote. It wouldn't take much to gain full control. No question the TPG and the other MT. something or other have been adding shares. They each bought 3 million+/- each last quarter ending March. I suspect they bought as much or more for quarter ending June to be reported in next 5 weeks or so. However, if they don't agree with the controlling BOD's or speech from CEO that company isn't for sale.....there is a quick fix and one that would enrich them greatly......and me too. They need to get together and make a tender offer for say 50 million shares at $6 with the opportunity to accept more if more or tendered. This alone gives them another 10% of outstanding shares or more. They then need to propose replacing ALL current BOD's with their slate. I think company is for sale regardless of what the CEO says. It's a game but this would give TPG and anyone that wanted to join them the opportunity to average down their cost per share, kick the price of SD above $6 very quickly if they suck up every weak hand and let the market know who's in control. I think that's one of the big problems......the uncertainty. This would put a 20%+ premium on closing price today and I suspect they would get a ton tendered and get control of the company. Time to get serious here TPG. DaninFW

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