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  • ronbiker1 ronbiker1 Jul 3, 2013 12:39 PM Flag

    Push under the bus.

    Push under the bus. That's what TPG did to everyone that gave them support. Not even thanks for your help. They gave 90M to Tom, but not a word to the people that was there when they need help.

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • Gimme 7 bucks and all will be salvaged from this shipwreck. Was looking for more, but Jean "Ward" Lafitte took the gold off before it sank.

    • Ronbiker, turns negative on TPG who would have thunked??? LMAO!!! Me i haven't liked TPG from the start, then again I've always been long......

    • Ron,tpg is silient because they were had, the vote was 7-4 to fire TW without cause,this was all planned by Ward,guess who the 4 votes were.If tpg was in control they would have kept Ward and taken control of the board thus reducing his pay and severence pkg.Ward is a shark and Singh was the guppy and we all know what the big fish does to the little fish.If tpg speaks the pps would be even worse.

    • They don't hold a majority of board seats....what can they really say? If they had majority control it would be different.

    • The asinine philosophy of giving a scoundrel CEO a Golden Parachute runs much deeper than SD or TPG ... It is Standard Operating Procedure , and I think it is disgusting , but the average investor is pretty much skrooed because our lawmakers are a bunch of crooked wimps that do nothing but cost us more money every time they open their mouths , and Corporate America is totally a "rigged game" ...... I certainly smell another Revolution coming ...... This July 4th should be a reminder to all those who wish to skroo the masses ..... "Don't Tread On Me" and "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death" ...... Those men said that for a reason , the exact same reason we will say it one day ...... and I don't think that day is far off ....... 10 years tops ..... This Nation is NOT politically or financially "sound" , it is broken , badly broken ....... This house of cards is going to fall hard one day ....... buy some land ....... with water on it and under it

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      • let's face it. who is the congress/senate that makes the rules and passes the laws? they are a bunch of lawyers. how can you expect them to support fairness to investors when lawyers can construct these monstrosities and make them "legal",

      • Hi Mars; I don't worry about the bulls and the bears. I worry about the bum steers ! ! !

        Case Law concerning Golden Parachutes was established by one of your fellow Texan's named Bob Allen from Huston..... He was the CEO of Gulf Resources & Chemical Corp...... Most of this sorted thing originates in you back yard....... Texas has not had a positive influence upon our nation......

        Happy Payback Himself.......

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