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  • divin4tacos divin4tacos Aug 7, 2013 4:39 PM Flag

    wow , what a ton of differing info out there

    scottrade has SD earnings at 17 cents a share , huge "beat" , but Reuters plasters this article today , and most articles give very differing "slants" ..... wow , what a racket ..... anyway , bet we pop big tomorrow , look at all the "good news" out there now ...... anyway here's what I read at Reuters this morning .... I guess I should thank them for getting me to sell and buy back cheaper ..... but NOW , I read +.17 cents earnings on scottrade and other places ..... hmmmmmm , and Motley is pumping like crazy now ..... looks like "up" coming tomorrow ..... we'll see

    Aug 6 (Reuters) - SandRidge Energy Inc, the U.S. oil and gas company targeted by activist investors earlier this year, reported a quarterly loss on Tuesday as administrative costs rose.

    SandRidge also raised its 2013 forecast for oil and gas production without increasing its budget.

    SandRidge reported a second-quarter loss of $34 million, or 7 cents per share, compared with a profit of $804 million or $1.46 per share, a year earlier

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    • Traders , no Hi frequency trading most likely spikeing mo mo trades. Did you hear what they did in the treasury market a very liquid market...Their Computers run algorythem to detect mo mo; but the the firm with the hi frequency infastructure take an position and then run a program of wash trades to spike the volume ...The other Hi freq. computers see the spike and chim in thus running volume higher...whoops they had to pull the circuit breakers in the treasury market....So whom knows what they do to individual stocks...Fundamentals and directiom of company success makes no difference to them...

    • What only matters is what traders think and many voted to sell/short today.

      This turnaround will take time, meanwhile traders will make a lot of money. IMO

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Motley had a positive report out too.

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      • qcman - yes i saw that ..... the "17 cents earnings" looks very good too , should "reel in" lots of fishies ..... so regardless of what is really happening , it definitely looks like a pump coming to SD ..... my guess is 7.00+ by OPEX ..... I know that sounds crazy , but the stars are aligning for that I think ...... and they will sell the calls they have been buying , cover the shorts , pump the news , and off she goes for a while ...... Then , massive tankage across the board in September for a "rinse / repeat" ..... or steady climb into whatever comes Q3 .... I think it's good to be here right now