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  • medic_5678 medic_5678 Aug 15, 2013 6:23 AM Flag

    oil pushing $108 on egypt

    yep, looks once again like the arabs just can't handle democracy. whoever gets in power legislates their form of islam, with the end result of civil war until one group gets its foot on the others neck again. mubarak, as bad as he was, kept order.

    in general, arab economies are #$%$, and their only hope is to be sitting on a resource like oil that their populace can suck off without really producing much of anything. egypt has little. they can, however, export the #1 commodity arab culture offers the world: unrest and chaos.

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    • regarding arab mentality, i'll tell you guys a true story. i had a convenience store near me with a Palestinian clerk. so i got to know the guy from buying gas, coffee... and we were talking and he said to me "you know, in Palestine, if i hate you, i wait three years and then i kill your brother's children."

      how can you civilize people like this with democracy western style? lose an election, blow your opponent up. that's the way these subhumans think.

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      • medic - while I agree they are heathens , you have to "put yourself in their shoes" , the entire Middle East , is a land where food and water is not as plentiful as here , the entire region has been in war or occupation for centuries ..... America has the luxury of being somewhat "protected" by two huge Oceans , and we have been blessed with many resources ..... the Middle East has Oil , and many Nations have warred over that Oil .... Look at how Americans go berzerk just because of some jury verdict , or long lines at the gasoline pump , I remember the 80's when people were getting very angry and hostile to each other because of long gasoline lines due to the Oil Embargo ...... Right now , we turn a faucet and plenty of water comes out , go to Kroger and see 100's of loafs of bread ..... watch what happens when those shelves get empty , watch what happens when more natural disasters hit , watch what happens when workers get tired of low wages , watch what happens when the people become taxed to death ...... Lemme tell you plain and simply , when things really get bad here , WE will behave EXACTLY like THEM ...... watch and see ..... "civility" will be non existent , and chaos and anarchy will reign ...... I guarantee it ...... The Middle East is 50% Desert ..... and beyond the Nile River area , it doesn't rain !!!!! It's a desert !!!!!!! Life is hard in the Middle East , Egypt for sure .... we have it very good here , too bad we take it for granted and will lose it all because we are becoming spoiled brats who cannot appreciate a good thing ...... Slowly but surely , WE are becoming THEM ..... Look at the thugs we have nowdays in every city ...... thugs , gangsters , drug dealers , worthless #$%$ ...... we have our Heathens too , lots of 'em ..... I guarantee you , if a food shortage comes here , people will kill each other for a loaf of bread ..... watch and see

    • there is a huge part of Cairo where the trash is taken , it is "trash city" , the trash dump , where people LIVE off of the trash dumped there ..... that is their food ..... they LIVE IN THE TRASH DUMP ....... Every leader in that country , no matter who they are , should be hanged because we all know the leadership is living in luxury while 100's of thousands of those Egyptian people live in trash and have nothing .... F that , kill all those pigs , string em up ...... we would riot too , and we will ..... watch and see ..... the entire world is headed for a remake of the French Revolution , where the people constantly get F'd by their own Government , Religion , and the Wealthy Elites ...... sound familiar ?????

    • the arabs have a tribal mentality ...they will never be able to handle democracy the way we perceive it. They need a forceful dictator to keep order regardless of the casualties (the value of human life is close to zero for these animals).
      the funny bit is that it is Obama the impotent who caused all this... all he had to do is support the US puppet Mubarak