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  • joshhyunc joshhyunc Sep 10, 2013 1:59 PM Flag

    What can you say .. just another day!

    Disappointment on PPS! One of these days, one of these days!

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    • being that it appears it's still about 20 cents above the sma of $'s just another day that RAISES the long as the daily prices stay above the averages....mathematics says we are gaining valuation and in the old school that always ends up being profitable.

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      • the chart is turning up , looks pretty good to me .... just projecting out a bit , December looks good .... actually , I think we'll be fine Q3 earnings report , so we just need to hang on a bit , trade around , make some gas money on the 30 cent swings maybe , try not to lose our core "hold" shares , and 8.00 should roll around before EOY ..... maybe more ..... I think the DOW heads for 18000 next year .... we are entering the "over-exuberance" phase of the market I think .....everything will get pricier .... One day , all these laggard stocks we buy under 20 will double and not look back .... I firmly believe that ...... It is hard to fight Trillions of brand new crisp dollars fresh off the presses .... There is a LOT of money out there that was NOT there 10 years ago ..... Just need to get the velocity of circulation up , and we will have a heckuva bull run ...... It is in Uncle Sam's interest to get "velocity" up , because every time a dollar changes hands , he gets a "cut" ......

    • NOT,.. if your looking to BUY,.. MORE,..SD stock!
      I'm looking for another 2k shares at $5.38 if ,.. it gets there!
      Would like to own 10k by Nov 4th!
      Oil price is the only,.. "fly in the ointment" for SD,..IMO
      So I'm just waiting for a "deal"