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  • medic_5678 medic_5678 Sep 10, 2013 2:55 PM Flag


    chk down .29%, upl down .83%, sd down 2.95%, just goes to show that watching the ticker will drive you crazy :). and of course, the up and the down on no real company news.

    however, all in all.. the price is firming, and the trend is up. we're going to consolidate in the mid 5's before we challenge the 6's,

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    • How many months to $6.00 in your opinion?
      Oh...not months you think.... let's hope not "years"..............

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      • I fully expect we'll see +$6 prior to upcoming earnings. We're in the period where most oil companies have the best weather windows for drilling...and an additional plus so far is there has been no "hurricane production loss" which is always allowed for in guidance. I'm still thinking folks are gonna be surprised by upcoming earnings....Bennet and TPG are fully aware the best way to get folks to forget an ugly to show them a pretty future....I think they are savvy enough to know that priority # 1 is to post a positive earnings. We'll see what we see....but I keep getting whiffs of something sweet not too far off....smells like money !!!!

      • i think after november earnings. but there could be an announcement at any time with a stock that's been beaten down like this one. could be a big well, a sale, a deal in the wto.on the century plant. really, now much downside can be left at this point? i realize it's not hopped to 10 like some expected by now, but six is easily within reach. it's sure up from the sub 5's of a couple of months ago.

        and let's face it, the capex question will have to be answered somehow. whether it's fair or not to expect management to have it addressed for 2016 and beyond. i find it a bit bizarre that it wasn't an issue when ward was blowing money like water, but now it's a big issue after capex has been significantly scaled back. but it is what it is. that's the official excuse for holding sd back. you can bet bennett will be ready to answer this by next earnings call. i know i'm happier in the mid 5's than i was in the low fives a couple of weeks ago.