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  • cpwrisnumber1 cpwrisnumber1 Sep 13, 2013 3:24 PM Flag

    Game Changer in the Gulf

    The BAHA well has proven new reserves in the gulf to the tune of 43 billion barrels. The SD Gulf operation is right in the middle of it and owns the rights all around. This would be a huge, proven asset to sell which would eliminate debt and allow the expansion inland. We shall see.

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    • yes, and they have found a diamond mine in sd's sewer line. turns out fired ceo tom ward was #$%$ out diamonds, and he was on the toilet more than he was off it. this is a huge asset and will take sd over $500 next week. buy up!

    • If what you had to say was true, SD would of been up 2 dollars toady. Not 3 cents.
      So post it if you can.

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    • These mullets want to sell the gom assets. LOL They honestly think 3rd rate okie land is better than gom. Imo the gom assets are the best part of sd. But the mullets here just don't get it.

    • I appreciate the info on BAHA...but haven't been able to find the locations relative to SD's location. Most of what I saw in the article on BAHA was that both BAHA #1 and #2 were dry holes but led to discoveries of oil. Even still, it opens the door for researching some new investment paths.

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      • The BAHA is 280 miles south of New Orleans and is in 7,500 Deep Water: well costs are 100,000,000.

        Bulwinkle Platform that SD owns 49% and operates off of is located 160 miles southwest of New Orleans and operates in 1,350 feet of water.

        Two completely different types of operations. The wells that SD is drilling are far cheaper, shallower, and much lower risk. SD won't be drilling any $100,000,000 wells anytime soon and its doubtful that any of the Structure that BAHA contains extends into SD leasehold. JMHO, I'd love to be proven wrong.

    • Gotta felling you are a hit and run pumper. lol

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      • probably so.....seriously most folks own boards are already either long /short and I just can't imagine anyone could have any "detectable" effect on a stock...I know..I know , I know that doesn't deter their attempts. Common sense says anyone who "actually" knew for certain something MOVABLE were going to occur on any stock...would keep their mouths shut and either load the boat or short it depending on what the event was. I had to laugh a few weeks back..on the same day we had pumpers with SD at the Ft. Worth Airport and other pumpers had a plane load of Norwegians landing in OKC to buy SD...bless their hearts for trying though.

    • Isn't this a deep-water well? I thought SD rights were in the shallow-water properties. It would be incredible to have a multi-billion barrel find, and would shoot SD into a much higher price bracket.


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      • SD gulf ops are shallow ..... I did not know how much a deepwater well costs , but rainbow said it is 100mil .... so I think we can see SD ain't gonna be doin any deepwater drillin !!!!!! In fact , in my opinion , SD is way to undercapitalized to be in ANY ocean rigs ..... There's a world of difference from a cozy piece of land to an ocean rig with tons of costs and liabilities ...... This is like a allergy doctor opening a brain surgery clinic ..... I say , sell the neuro-clinic and go back to prescribing allergy medication ...... ONE SPILL , and SD goes BK immediately

    • How much land does SD have under lease around the BAHA? Is it a stacked play like the Miss is on land? Thanks

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