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  • intelligentinvestor92 intelligentinvestor92 Sep 14, 2013 9:26 AM Flag


    I never have said I don't believe in god, i just think the bible is potentially garbage that is meant to manipulate people. God btw isn't too perfect himself.....War, death, rape, stealing, etc, all of which god made. Unless you believe Satan created those things. However may I ask you, who created Satan? The answer is God my friend, because "God created everything" So in fact, God created the whole concept of war, death, rape, stealing, etc. and Satan merely used his "free will" to do those things instead of "good things." You see, now that we are in a generation of educated individuals and we are no longer a bunch of peasants, many more people are questioning the bible and it's contradictory information. The bible prayed on the weak, to give hope to.
    Out of curiosity, if God knows everything that we are all thinking, before it is said or written, etc. then why is it that we pray? I mean he already knows what we want/desire. So with that, why do we bother to get down and ask him to answer our prayer. If he already knows what we want and we haven't received it yet, then it seems as though he has already made a decision.
    Why is it that God loves us so very much, yet he will cast us to hell in a second for all of eternity? Does that sound very loving or forgiving to you? The bible said these things, so with that, idk about you, but that sounds like someone trying to manipulate people into doing certain things and if they don't, threatening them by saying God will send you to hell for eternity where you will be in constant pain and agony for all of eternity.

    If God is so loving and wants everyone to join him (if possible) in heaven forever, then why is it that he doesn't make things more clear and apparent that he is what the bible says, and that everything in the bible is his word? When he is needed most, where is this God you speak of? All the hundreds of thousands of poor, starving, skin and bone African boys and girls.....Where is your God to help them?

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    • tcbyoung Sep 16, 2013 7:45 AM Flag

      It's Friday, the world is winning, people are sinning and Satan is just a grinning. It is just Friday, Sunday is a coming.

    • FREE WILL! is why we do it! Pray for others and ourselves! Who are you to say GOD isn't helping out those poor people in AFRICA? Trust me DYING is not the worst thing that will happen to you, dying without Christ is the worst thing that can happen to you while your on earth! Just remember ALL things happen GOOD or BAD for the Glory of GOD! It all works to the glory of GOD , but if your that curious then read the BIBLE for your self and he will tell you what you want to know. Reading the word of GOD is MANNA for your soul. Food is for the physical body, where as reading the bible is food for the soul and your spiritual body! If your not reading the word then your dying a slow death spiritually , a malnourished spirit will keep you from experiencing a wonderful relationship with your Lord and savior! Best investment you can ever make is buying a 365 day a year bible and give the word a chance to talk to you and change they way you are! It's truly a wonderful investment in your life here and after.

    • "God btw isn't too perfect himself.".... He created SD.... or was that the works of Satan?

    • God created a perfect Angel Lucifer ..... Lucifer became "in love with himself" "because of his beauty and talent" , he was a "covering cherub" in Heaven .... Lucifer became proud and selfish of his own volition and rebelled against Obedience to God and Lucifer wanted to "make the rules" , which is the basis for sin and rebellion .... God could have destroyed Lucifer on the spot , but since no one knew what sin was , or it's consequences , God had to let it "play out" for the entire Universe to witness , even though God knew that the ONLY way to save humanity back into the eternal family would be to demonstrate infinite love by coming down here and letting His own creation spit in His face and crucify Him on a cross , becoming the sacrifice to take our place on death row ..... Jesus could have sneezed and killed every one of those pigs mocking Him , but He didn't , because He came here to SAVE people , not kill them , but now , God is vindicated , and the love of God is FULLY seen through Jesus Christ , so that there is NO EXCUSE , and humans have a choice now , face judgement on your own (of which you will fail) or face judgement IN Jesus Christ and have Him cover you from the impending sentence of death to sin and sinners , because God will NOT allow this entire Universe to be infected with sin , any more that we wish to allow Earth to be infected with smallpox virus ..... and Prayer is for YOU , not for God , it is for YOU to speak to God , to learn to trust Him and rely upon Him , AND , it is for YOU to say "thank you Lord , for creating me , giving me life , and providing a way to eternal life through Jesus Christ ....... go watch Doug Bachelor on youtube , he has tons of sermons that answer many questions , and think about this ..... How does a child view a spanking from his parent ???? You think a child understands why he gets spanked , or why he cannot have a candy bar ?? Don't expect to understand all that God does ..Your wisdom is NOTHING compared to God's

    • Have you read the bible? The first book is called Genesis. Read 3 or 4 chapters, it's easy, fantastic reading. It will explain all the questions you raised. People may be angry about life and question God's motives. That does not matter, for people are not in charge. God is in charge and in due time it all will become clear. How do I know? I don't. I don't even have much faith, only a little bit. After all faith means you don't know. I do have hope, Hope in God, hope he will send his son, Jesus Christ, back again.

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      • you can be sure he will ..... more sure than death and taxes ..... it is a 100% guarantee , Jesus will come again and fix this mess once and for all ....... I have no doubt whatsoever , and I base my faith on 50 years of study and evidence ..... very solid evidence ...... no doubt here , the Bible is no pipe dream , it is for real

    • If you really want your questions answered, then you should check out Ravi Zacharias. Type "Ravi Zacharias and the question of evil" in a Google search. The answers may not suffice for you, but at least you will hear a cogent handling of your questions.


    • If you are worth all these millions easymoney, why don't you donate to these children in these underdeveloped nations where children are dying daily from a lack of food, water, etc. If you are going to be going to heaven to chill with this thing you call "God" who is so "great," than don't you think you should follow in his footsteps and give more than you receive? Do you think God (assuming you have all this money you claim) rewarded/blessed you with all this money, just so you could come on some message board and brag about all your millions to a bunch of retail investors? Do you know what just 1000K dollars could do for people in Africa or even our own nation for that matter? (God created interest btw, so don't worry you will get that money back that you donate within a year easily due to all these other millions) (Don't forget, god also made tax write offs, so its sounds like a win, win situation for you to donate some of your pocket change (1K).

      I'm done going off on you easymoney, it's just that you really are a contradictory joke, just like the bible. Just how the bible can't answer many important questions that would paint the perfect picture, you cannot answer where you keep "going all in" again. I could be wrong, but I think your a liar. You continuously remind people on this board how rich and successful as you are, yet you also continuously show how poor you are at investing......go figure.

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      • Intell, Do you think I don't? How do you think I was able to make my money? God ...Trust me I didn't do it all that goes to the Glory of GOD! I take zero credit for my financial good fortune! I tithe my 10% and more at times do you? How do you think I have been so blessed? Obedience to his word! I still SIN yet can still be obedient to his word. Poor at investing? Wake up Intell he has been blessing me more than I could ever imagine? Wow because I love SD 's upside potential i'm a poor investor? Watch and learn here my unbelieving friend! We will see about how poor my investing here really is!LOL Your unbelievably narrow minded in your 19years! Think outside the box and you may grow up and see things a lot different than your seeing them now! Your that guy that says i won't believe till I see it happen! Then it's too late! Stop being a HATER of others that are more fortunate than some! I think you would be very surprised if you met me in person... I'm a very giving person and people that know me personally know that so I don't care what You believe or disbelieve I am who I say I am and i'm sure your who you say you are!

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