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  • intelligentinvestor92 intelligentinvestor92 Oct 23, 2013 5:50 PM Flag

    I hope everyone realizes..

    that even with all the strides that have been taken to fix this company internally, at the end of the day, this is an oil/ng company. So no matter how much overhead they reduce/payoff, etc if they can't find the oil and ng (mainly oil), this company is not going to survive and the hopes of a buyout will slowly start to seep away. Doug always talks about how they got rid of ward, cut costs, did this and that, however he never touches on the backbone of the company which is oil production, if SD can't hit the sweetspots in the miss, which they haven't done yet, they are toast. So with that, i hope you all sleep tight tonight.

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    • im sorry ladies and gentelmen, however i am now going to be bumping all my prior posts where the fools called me and idiot, i use to be intelligentinvestor92 now its 93, just an FYI

    • Once again you show your foolishness and inexperience. Do you really think that SD, who has drilled over 1000 wells in the miss, has no idea where the "sweet spot" would be? And if they did, do you think they would run around telling everyone the best areas so competitors could try to get nearby acreage. Many wells have been hit with very high first month productions. Some wells paid for their own capex in two months. Yes there have been poor wells, but if you study the data on any unconventional play, there always are bad wells. The key to the miss for SD is no longer "finding the sweet spot". Its operational efficiency, not paying for generator or trucked water. Driving down drilling costs and surface equipment cost. Finding additional target zones within their infrastructure (if they exist).

    • Your a complete IDIOT! Notintelligentinvestor! Do some DUE DILIGENCE before you speak! You really are just a kid and not a real investor... They are hitting some very nice wells and at the end of the day NATURAL GAS is going to be the real play in the future IDIOT. You are in the box kid think outside the box if your ever gonna make real money! NAT. GAS not oil is the future! OIL is the play today but Nat. gas is the future and if you knew anything about this stock you would then understand WHY so many HEDGE FUNDS and individual investors see SD as a great buy for the future with the price in the low $6's . I just bought back 10,000 shares that I sold at $7.10 a week ago I"m loving the way this trades right now, trading 10,000 shares in and out is the ticket for a couple more earnings announcements! By the summer we should be very close to the $10 mark then we will see if any suitors come looking for us???? This is how you can make some real cash Trading SD when it bounces up and down too easy really!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Come down off your horse arrogant one and either communicate WITH people instead of AT people (and you may get something out of your efforts besides self stroking ata-boys) or, continue to get harpooned like all spouting whales.
      No one, let me repeat that, NO ONE wants oil below 100, not the ruskies, middle eastern dicators, chavez's ghost, or oil producers here in the US.

      MACRO....while the US Production rates continue and usage declines, one should view this as the slow transition into becoming an oil exporter, not to mention self reliance. However, as fast as we produce oil, usage growth around the world continues to grow at a faster rate than our production increases OH, and that growth around the world will continue for DECADES. So the impending drop to 85+/- per barrel will not be long lived unless the WORLD ECONOMY falters and thats not likely since Eusope and Asia are just now climbing out of their holes. All IMHO......
      Regarding SD, we may all be surprised, even you, time will tell and WORDS at this point matter little so daily volatility that reflects sector issues is of little concern and may in fact, be an opportunity, again, time will tell and frankly, the big boys with the big bucks are betting on our side, not yours, for what its worth.

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      • intelligentinvestor92 intelligentinvestor92 Oct 23, 2013 10:08 PM Flag

        Alot of big money got out of SD, apparently you haven't watched some of the big dogs sell out. i spoke to one of those big dogs, he/she thinks SD will do alright down the road, however he/she didn't make it sound as though he/she felt the company would be sold, perhaps that's why they no longer own share in the company or if they do, it is nickels and dimes to what they use to own. The fact of the matter is that yes, SD has value in its assets, however there is far better less speculative places to be than sandridge energy.

    • I can feel your pain loser. You were telling us how pricy SD is when it hit $5.75...hehehehe :)
      Well, guess what...I sold at $6.80
      and despite your recent "intelligent" analysis this baby will get to $10 after a healthy pullback to $5.50-5.75
      Watch and learn

    • Little BOY, you are a loser !!! GET LOST

    • I hope everyone realizes... What a dweeb you are, now put your pacifier in your mouth and sleep tight tonight. .