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  • yahba_dahba_due yahba_dahba_due Oct 28, 2013 3:19 PM Flag

    SD - has the run begun? UpCOMING CONFERENCE CALL and EARNINGS FOR 3Q 2013

    Taking a look at the KS + OK databases for wells that were also reported in 2012 - pretty steep declines or so it would appear. THEN, I also have to factor in that new well production has slowed/been cut due to 2nd half Budgetary Plan (to slow down new well development & cionserve cash on hand). Hoping that Guld well production is good. Operating costs have been reduced as we went on a diet to shed the WARD WEIGHT we had gained. Is it enough for us to declare the 3Q as a winner and will SD "Beat the Street" ?

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    • I hope that the well production in the trusts are far removed from the parent SD! I HOPE!

    • sound like big short unwinding...Decline only time to wory id production doesn't make payback in say 18 months or 30,000 barrels per well @ 100.00 market price....These wells drop to 40 barrels with in 24 months and I typr corb it at 10 barrels a day and I see Miss Lime as ok and good for SD...and SD is testing some very promising zones and acrage this qtr. number four. IS there insider knowledge of those new test wells which many will be drilled and completed in OCT.... waiting for 1st qtr. 2014 for end of 2013 results.