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  • frenkcrenk frenkcrenk Nov 22, 2013 9:24 PM Flag

    Lets hope America freezes this winter....brrrrr

    Good for SD and great for my BOIL position... NG has started a move towards $5...within a year.
    Mark my words !

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    • Highly doubtful. If NG prices go up usage goes down and supply goes up. The exporting starting in 2015 is the right answer. We may see $5 in 2015 or 2016 but after exporting gets serious I expect the price to rest at $6 to $7 for a few years. Don't get me wrong I am bullish on NG and on SD but we don't need $5 NG to be making good money. Besides $6 NG in under 3 years would put SD well above $15 a share. Not an untidy profit. However it is likely that we won't make it to the promised land. SD will be sold well before then (IMHO).

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      • Agreed. This is a diminishing resource in a safe country and easy to get. Big oil and gas will do well to secure these resources through M&A. They'll be making good money at $4 plus NG. Consumer would do well will cheaper fuel. Manufacturers will do better with cheaper resource. Country will do better with cheaper, cleaner and made in the USA resources. Everyone's a winner.
        Lots of money to be made here, the new plastic.

    • Weather helps but very little as we have so much that most producers have cut back on production and the flaring continues.. we needed that damn NatGas act passed or now to pick up the snail pace on exporting.. I gave up on the cold weather helping NatGas years ago..