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  • wi19511 wi19511 Nov 25, 2013 8:51 AM Flag

    Iran deal

    Wow, what a game changer! $70 oil is on the way. Thanks President Obama

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    • Obama, Kerry and Euro leaders are all a bunch of libtards, they want to eventually get Iran released from all the sanctions so they can spend the $100+ billion that is locked-up (due to sanctions) in our corresponding economies. Iran wins! If you don't see that you are blind. It won't be long before all the trade/oil supply and distribution channels to Iran are flowing like water. Ever since Obama's "redline in the sand" failed we've been sucking-up to the Iranians (negotiating). Israel and Saudi Arabia are the odd ones out. Obama and his loyal "brotherhood" friends are making soft policy for "the money", while we hang our only friends in the region out to dry. Shameful. Oil going to $60/bbl in 2014 and U.S. stays hooked on foreign oil. Israel will protest along with Saudi Arabia, but it will fall on deaf ears. European and U.S. leaderships want Iran to spend the money that is frozen in our economies, plain and simple. Lower oil prices will be good (short term) for U.S. economy and Hillary can take credit for U.S. policies that led to it. OMG! Americans are so stupid they will probably buy it.

    • SD hedged at close to $100 for a year out and Saudi's will withhold oil to keep price above $100. Finally for the next six months the deal does not include oil exports.

    • If that happens then Saudi Arabia may erupt and then we could see $150 oil. From what I hear, this will still eventually lead to a nuclear-capable Iran in spite of our best efforts, but at least the Obama administration is trying to achieve peace. The mistake was made when the citizens of Iran were revolting and we did nothing to encourage them.


    • And the radical Muslims with a nuke over you head. Wow what world destroyer.

    • If that happens, which I think it could, there will be a pile of small Independents in the pink sheets by mid 2014.

      • 1 Reply to cmontx
      • cmontx,
        YUP,..LOW Oil prices will,.. "kill",.. the small E & P's !
        Especially IF, they're,.. NOT producing much,.. Oil,..
        AND,.. NOT,..paying Dividends!
        The "risk" is NOT worth getting back "in",.. to me !
        SD will be "Golden" by 2016,.. when Nat Gas is,.. Exported, tho!
        Good Luck,.. "friends" !
        all JMVHO

    • So is $900. 00 Gold,.. IMO